Marielle reads “Tobias is a giant dick” and wishes the Dark Spirit King would whip him out of existence

We’re back with more of our favorite whip-loving romance writer, Marielle!! Check out Chapter 2~

Also fresh off the press, Not a Villainess, also Chapter 2

And rounding it up with Dahliya (and her hate-inducing current/ex fiance Tobias) in Free Craftsman Life Chapter 3, and Wilts No More Chapter 01.2

And yes, Tobias is a dick in both of them.


Baby, no, let me just give you ALL OF THE FOOD

To make up for our tardiness in another Snow White’s Stepmother chapter, I give you TWO CHAPTERS!!!

Begin at Chapter 11, end at Chapter 12!

Also a small but VERY IMPORTANT announcement regarding Snow White’s Stepmother. I really cannot give any particulars or details, and it’s likely months away, BUT be prepared for an eventual license of Snow White’s Stepmother?

Let’s Go To Prison ٩( ᐛ )و

Let’s welcome the most Hannibal Lector villainess yes, Miss Rachel!

We have for your reading pleasure, the manga adaptation of The Villainess’ Slow Prison Life Began With Her Broken Engagement.
And this villainess story is GASP not reincarnation isekai

Amazing I know, almost as amazing as this gif our very own Ran put together to describe this story:

Let’s go have a happy prison life with Rachel! GO read on MangaDex!!!

Romantiholic (and MangaDex)

Just a quick note for readers, due to the excessive time it takes to upload the Manga and Manhwa to the website, we’ll now be uploading exclusively to MangaDex (novel projects will remain on the website though). Sorry for you website reading lovers, but it cuts out about 85-95% of the upload time to not upload to the site…

Now with that out of the way, let’s get down to some romance! I am talking of course of our very own Why Duke and its chapters 23 & 24!! Go read!

We also have a new romanticizer in our midst, also thanks to new TL Ama Rum & Coke, Marielle from Marielle Clarac’s Engagement
Go check out chapter 1 of this romance loving and fantasizing moe girl!!! 8D

Villainess x Villainess

We’ve got double villainess manga for you today!

But Soli, you only have one Villainess manga, you say~

Ohohoho, little do you know we have a NEW Villainess manga! Thanks to new TL Ama Rum & Coke whom I stole, you now get moar villainess~

So obviously we have, our very own flagship title, Villainess x Commoner chapter 4 for you, which also marks the end of volume 1! (thankfully for you, volume 2 is already out!)

Now what you’ve all been waiting for, the new villainess manga,
“I’m Not a Villainess!! Just Because I Can Control Darkness Doesn’t Mean I’m a Bad Person!” (aka Not a Villainess), based on the popular light novel currently being translated by Do Machines Dream of Better Translations

Now go read Chapter 1!

Fun fact: We did it in less than 24 hours after release!! You know what that means~ You have to wait a month for the next chapter 8D

And a special note from our very own Screwdriver Snowy and Sister to all the screentones of the world: