The Update Update

Hello all! I am sorry for the long absence, I was trying to take care of a few things behind the scenes before I posted…alas nothing panned out
●| ̄|_

I know many will be sorry, but I will officially be changing to a Teaser Only translation site. No more actual projects with expected releases. It’s been kind of heading that way over the past year anyhow, and I’m sorry I kept things quiet for so long.

The main reason is simply: time. I no longer have the time to dedicate to translating regularly. My time is typically spent hanging out with the boyfriend (I think he’s The One!) and gaming with friends during my time off, and my free time at work that I once spent translating has shifted over to creative writing.
φ(^∇^ )

My web serial, Overseer, is nearing completion (probably only around 20 chapters left), which I have been writing steadily finally at one chapter a week thanks to the guys at FictionGrill keeping me motivated. In other exciting Overseer news, within the next few days it will be leaving RRL to join the novels on MoonBunnyCafe, run by my good friend Alyschu who has wanted Overseer on there for quite a while now, and will be the first original English Novel invited to be hosted there! Wooo!

As for the things I was trying to do behind the scenes, I was hoping to make a smoother transition and get my projects new homes before making my announcement, but sadly, none of the people I’ve approached have been willing or contacted me back. Thus, my projects are up for grabs.
(ノ_ _)ノ

DO NOTE, if someone wants to take over the Light Novel for Yuusha Party, know that I am willing to be a $monetary$ benefactor to you and your group and purchase the digital light novels for you to translate from (For those that need the ability to copy+paste text like a web novel to translate from). Just comment your willingness here with your proper email attached to your username and I’ll strike up an email convo with you.
For those wanting more Yuusha Party now, there is someone translating the web novel version from around where I left off. You can find it on NovelUpdates. (Please, someone get them an editor though).
(☉ε ⊙ノ)ノ

So, this doesn’t mean I’m leaving for good, just no more regular projects or updates. It’ll mostly be a ‘when I feel like it’ kind of thing. I still love you guys
(Ɔ˘⌣˘)(˘⌣˘)˘⌣˘ C)

If you’d like to hang out on a more regular basis, I have a group of people I love gaming with in multi-player games (things like Town of Salem, Duck Game, Minecraft, anything that does multiplayer p.much), so I’d like to invite anyone that wants to into my Discord channel! Just make sure you have the correct email attached to your username here on the site, post you want it, and I’ll email it to you o/ But be careful, once I get my hands on you, we might just game all. the. time.

And so, I bid you all farewell (to regular updates), until we meet again

Happy Life picked up!

While I’m working on more Hitomishiri Onna, I got a great surprise today that Ainushi Translations has picked up Happy Life! (Tensei Shitanode Tsugi Koso wa Shiawasena Jinsei wo Tsukande Misemashou | I Reincarnated, so the Next Thing to do is Lead a Happy Life).

They are translating the web novel version, thus they picked up at web novel  Chapter 4, which is directly after my partial light novel chapter 1 translation teaser. Enjoy and go support!! ♥♥

Yuusha Party lives!

Go, read it, read it now! (and don’t burn me at the stake please 8A8)

A lot has happened in my personal life since my last post. My cat, Chi, passed away very suddenly at only 5 years old, and thanks to my remaining cat Calli and my wonderful boyfriend I have some how been able to live with it. Chi was my first pet that I got after moving out on my own, and had been with me through a lot of my life’s trials and tribulations, she was a very special kitty.

On top of that, my landlord has decided to sell his condo, thus not renewing my lease, meaning I have only 2 months to find a new place to live /D;; (and I have very little in savings at the moment after a series of savings-draining events such as an emergency vet bill, car trouble that needed immediate fixing, oh and I also have to pay about $600 in taxes before the 12th…yay…)


Hopefully going to Emerald City Comicon tomorrow will be a nice breath of fresh air |D

I am hoping beyond all hope that the next chapter of Yuusha Party does not take this long to TL. Godspeed o7

New series: Marietta-hime no Konrei ~Sexy Sexy times ahead~ ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º)

“Man, I should really work on Yuusha Party…”
“Oh boy, but I gotta work on more Overseer, too…”
“Agh, but Alyschu has been bugging me for more Hitomishiri Onna…”

—Is apparently how my brain works (ノ ̄д ̄)ノ

Marietta-hime no Konrei, Princess Marietta’s Wedding, is a series I’ve been wanting to translate for a number of months now. It fulfills a ton of my trope loves such as Age Gap, Guy-who-has-a-scary-face-but-is-actually-nice, and a Fangirling-in-Love Girl o(≧∇≦o) . Not only that BUT, this series is from a corner of Shosetsu’s site known as “Moonlight“. Moonlight is the 18+ subsite on the other side, the one aimed at the ladies (I’m sure many redditors are more familiar with Nocturne and its rampant sexcapades like ‘Meat Toilet‘). So, although there hasn’t been any yet translated, it will eventually get to the sexy sexy times! ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º)

At the time I found it, it was ranked #9 in the monthly category on shosetsu. Now, for the past few months, I’ve helped joeglens translate the synopses of shosetsu’s monthly rankings, particularly the Moonlight ones, and just today when we got February’s I found out it ranked up to #5 on the YEARLY list. Thus, I’m releasing it a little earlier than planned with only 4 chapters instead of 5, so it can be linked when the ranking goes live for people to enjoy once they read about it. Congrats Hazuki Kuroru-sensei!

٩( ᐛ )و So without further ado, I present the first 4 chapters of the love story that is Marietta-hime no Konrei, a joint project with Xant & Minions.

Xant & Solistia – The Podcast

So for those that don’t trawl the r/NovelTranslations, or stalk Xant & Minions translations, the past couple weeks, Xant and I have been doing this sorta podcast thing where we fire up a skype call and talk about things related to novel translations…and thing not related to novel translations. Then we invite guests in (normally unsuspecting and wholly unprepared members of the novel translation community) and ask them questions and talk about things, and get side tracked. So much sidetracking (of which Xant and I are the most guilty), which is how the podcast even happened in the first place.

So enjoy! Xant has said if enough people show interest we’ll take this thing live and do twitch or…something iono.

Anyway, be forewarned, if you’re not familiar with Podcasts…they can be long, we are no exception. Both current episodes are uncut and 3 hours long, but if you like fun people and shenanigans, you’ll have a great time with it. Enjoy!

Comments Fixed—New Theme

Sadly, with the last big wordpress update, my theme that I love (which had not been updated since 2014), broke. No one was able to comment (and I didn’t realize until I posted the most recent chapter of Yuusha Party). Try as I might to get another comment system plugin to use instead, none worked very well with the slim styled theme, and more often than not extended beyond viewable space.

So I made the decision to change the theme. You can now comment regularly again! (and my apologies if you wanted to leave me a comment in the last month and were unable to!) Hopefully everyone likes the new theme. It’s a bit simplistic, but makes for easy reading.

Edit (01/31/16) – After only a month I grew to hate the new layout, so it has changed yet again. This one feels much more like the old one, and I think I’ll stick with it. Yay.

Edit (12/07/18) – My old preferred layout works with comments again, screw those new layouts! Welcome back Flounder layout, my love!

The bad news: New girl quit after two weeks
ლ(ಠ益ಠლ ……… my life is a lie, will we forever be a two man team in the office? Only time will tell.

The good news: There’s actually been some translation progress on Yuusha Party!
╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑
(you will see on the progress chart 2/15 pages has become 4/15 pages! huzzah). I will, however, be out of town with no computer from this coming Sunday to the next Sunday. Another translator has also approached me about taking over Yuusha Party, and I told him while I do intend to continue, if I cannot produce the next chapter by the end of the year, come 2016 they can take over with my blessings. We shall see if busy-ness or translation prevails!

Wish me luck, and either way you get more Yuusha Party!
٩( ᐛ )و