Snow White’s Stepmother into the future!!

Hello all, it’s been a while since we posted any novels, hasn’t it? I admit, we’re mostly a manga group now, though we still haven’t dropped the Light Novel version of Villainess Wants to Marry a Commoner (just finding a more dedicated translator).

But onto better news, I have for you today the final chapters we’re allowed to release of I’m Only a Stepmother But My Daughter Is Just So Cute! (aka Snow White’s Stepmother) Chapters 14-21! Just click to get started on the reading frenzy.

Thank you to for licensing female-demographic novels, because we are HUNGRY for official releases of Korean girly novels!!

You’ll also find when you get to the last chapter, that the next chapter link takes you to the Kickstarter Meteor-Strike is running for the Stepmother novel, to turn it into a Light Novel with more illustrations scattered through the book (unlike the single cover image and final illustration it currently has) exclusive to the English release! I will also be supporting monetarily, so if you love Snow White’s Stepmother, and you are able, please pledge to the official release!!


What’s that? You thought we gave up after it got licensed? 8D (actually we kinda did, BUT WE’RE BACK NOW)

As a reminder, this series is getting licensed and we have been graciously allowed to post up to chapter 20 that we already had translated before being contacted by the licensor.

So enjoy it while you can, chapter 13 of Snow White’s Stepmother!!

(also a bunch of our manga updated today, A Boy’s Scar, God of Calamity, and Dragon Fiance, hit up or our discord for more manga updates!)

Manga/Manhwa Announcements now exclusively via Discord

Hello there faithful readers! Our release announcements for Manga and manhwa projects are now being done exclusively through Discord (link in the side menu). The reason for this? Sake of ease, as much fun as I had finding all sorts of appropriate gifs for you, it just took a lot out of me every update which I’d rather focus on translating.

Novel updates will still appear here on the blog! (since that’s where the novels live).

Marielle reads “Tobias is a giant dick” and wishes the Dark Spirit King would whip him out of existence

We’re back with more of our favorite whip-loving romance writer, Marielle!! Check out Chapter 2~

Also fresh off the press, Not a Villainess, also Chapter 2

And rounding it up with Dahliya (and her hate-inducing current/ex fiance Tobias) in Free Craftsman Life Chapter 3, and Wilts No More Chapter 01.2

And yes, Tobias is a dick in both of them.