HaruPARTY’s version of Chapters 1-3 are now available! Read it on Google Docs

Sorry for how long these took to get out. Rei from Re:Translations tapped me on the shoulder (read: gripped like a vice) when I showed interest in Shinka no Mi. So I busted out the first chapter (which is 6x as long as any Yuusha Party chapter, oh Yuusha Party how I missed thee 8A8). For those interested, it’s a transported LN…but the first heroine is a gorilla?! (btw I’m 2 chapters deep and that gorilla hasn’t shown up yet, I’m so mad, give me the f*ing Gorilla D8< )

I’m hoping to get Yuusha Party 13-15 released before I head back to California for the entire week of American Thanksgiving (and though I will try my best, I can make no promises).

Also, Yuusha Party is now officially a joint with Re:Translations…as I’m stealing their staff to help on the proofing/editing =u=b (you can also find me on their IRC
#re-translations@irc.irchighway.net if you ever wanna chat!)

I hope you all enjoy our version of chapters 1-3! Thank you all for your continued support (and sorry again for the wait!)
Also I will be getting the LN when the digital version is released, so expect pictures 8D

EDIT: Just found out my flight is a day earlier than I expected, not only does this mean I had to scramble for a ride and swap around my work schedule, it also means I don’t have a day off I was expecting. tl;dr, there is no way I can get 13-15 done before I leave, so y’all will need to wait until after the 30th (sorry!) I’ll see if I can at least get 13 & 14 out.

Yuusha Party 10-12

Happy Halloween! (I’m PST, it’s still Halloween here!)

Just in time for the Former Underlings arc, Chapters 10-12! Read it on Google Docs
(we’re also looking into setting up another reading platform for people who have issues viewing on Google Docs, if you have any suggestions, let me know! Google Docs will still be our primary viewing platform however)

The first volume of the Light Novel version has been released for Yuusha Party. If you enjoy the story, please support the author and buy the book, it comes with pretty pictures! =D
And speaking of pictures, if you haven’t seen the character concepts by illustration artist La-Na, check out this post on animesuki forums.

Also, while translating these chapters, the issue of the Harpy underling’s name came up. I used my favorite interpretation, but I’m still unsure of which translation I should use (fantasy names in Japanese are hard to decode). Based on the Katakana Ha-pi-ne-su, it could be any of the following (taking into account that since Japanese don’t have a ‘fee’ and ‘th’ sound they are often substituted with ‘pi’ and ‘su’ respectively:
Hapyneth (based on names like Gwyneth and Lyneth)
Haphineus (based on King Phineus, a major icon in Harpy mythos, a bit of a stretch but fitting)
Haphyneth (combo of the last two)

If you’d prefer a different interpretation of her name from the above list, please let me know in a comment below! (or even if you like the name I chose already) I am still willing to go back and change her name at this point based on public opinion (if there is any).

Next release will focus on releasing our own version of chapters 1-3 that way we can provide you with a complete set, then we will return to forward progression. Hope everyone had a happy Halloween!