Hitomishiri Onna 9-11

Here for your reading pleasure is Chapter 9-11 of Hitomishiri Onna! Getting close to wrapping up the childhood arc (3 more chapters!), then will get into the as-of-yet unfinished Boyhood arc. I hope the author starts posting more regularly 8^8

And since Hitomishiri Onna only has a total of 23 chapters so far I’ve been thinking of what I wanted to take on after I’m caught up, and have decided to go for a sexy lady story from shosetsu’s Moonlight sub-site (18+ aimed towards females). Y’all can thank Estelion from Onii-chan Yamete for that when I eventually get to it! The story I have my eye on is complete (yay!), so it’ll be nice working towards a definite conclusion.

Other than that, the only big news about Soli is that as of this past Thursday, she officially has a boyfriend whom she likes very much :3 This will probably have almost 0 effect on translations, since, again, most TLing is done at work. Wish me luck that it works out!! *u*