Teaser Pickup – LoveRevoBro

Just a quick update. I got a pingback this morning of someone linking to LoveRevoBro, and lo and behold, it was someone picking up the series! Let the celebrations ensue! For everyone that loved the story of a girl getting transported into an Otome game as the heroine’s older brother, please continue reading at Nakimushi. A big thank you to Monokuropalette!

Comments Fixed—New Theme

Sadly, with the last big wordpress update, my theme that I love (which had not been updated since 2014), broke. No one was able to comment (and I didn’t realize until I posted the most recent chapter of Yuusha Party). Try as I might to get another comment system plugin to use instead, none worked very well with the slim styled theme, and more often than not extended beyond viewable space.

So I made the decision to change the theme. You can now comment regularly again! (and my apologies if you wanted to leave me a comment in the last month and were unable to!) Hopefully everyone likes the new theme. It’s a bit simplistic, but makes for easy reading.

Edit (01/31/16) – After only a month I grew to hate the new layout, so it has changed yet again. This one feels much more like the old one, and I think I’ll stick with it. Yay.