Marielle reads “Tobias is a giant dick” and wishes the Dark Spirit King would whip him out of existence

We’re back with more of our favorite whip-loving romance writer, Marielle!! Check out Chapter 2~

Also fresh off the press, Not a Villainess, also Chapter 2

And rounding it up with Dahliya (and her hate-inducing current/ex fiance Tobias) in Free Craftsman Life Chapter 3, and Wilts No More Chapter 01.2

And yes, Tobias is a dick in both of them.


Baby, no, let me just give you ALL OF THE FOOD

To make up for our tardiness in another Snow White’s Stepmother chapter, I give you TWO CHAPTERS!!!

Begin at Chapter 11, end at Chapter 12!

Also a small but VERY IMPORTANT announcement regarding Snow White’s Stepmother. I really cannot give any particulars or details, and it’s likely months away, BUT be prepared for an eventual license of Snow White’s Stepmother?