A real update! (Yuusha Party)

With little fanfare, I present my little new Year’s Eve (for me) present, Yuusha Party chapter 16!

Have a happy new year everyone! See you in 2016 for more translations!

(I have much shenanigans to participate in, so I’ll leave it to my loyal fans to post this in all the usual places ♥ )

  1. Commenting is near impossible withoute rudimentary knowledge of HTML and far more effort than would normally be neccesary.
    Is this intentional?

    Also, as an aside: I managed this feat by removing the style=”display:none;” attribute from the element with the id attribute id=”comment-info-fields”, editing the text area for the comment name, and email from the html as well, since clicking on them in the browser seems to make the elements vanish from the page, and then the “post comment” button.

    1. Totally unintentional, I’m glad you found a way around it! I only realized today that something was wrong with the comment system, and it has to do with the theme. I either have to recode it (unlikely) or find a new one (unfortunately).

      1. Oh, I thought that was intentional. Retroactive “Good luck” for that previous post and good luck getting this fixed.

    1. His only crime is taking up a chapter with his own love story instead of letting us have more of our cute Youki and Cecilia

  2. Honestly, I’m just happy this was updated. Also is it possible if Yuusha turned into a joint project with the guy that messaged you before?

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