What’s that? You thought we gave up after it got licensed? 8D (actually we kinda did, BUT WE’RE BACK NOW)

As a reminder, this series is getting licensed and we have been graciously allowed to post up to chapter 20 that we already had translated before being contacted by the licensor.

So enjoy it while you can, chapter 13 of Snow White’s Stepmother!!

(also a bunch of our manga updated today, A Boy’s Scar, God of Calamity, and Dragon Fiance, hit up or our discord for more manga updates!)

Mega Update of Awesomeness

Man have I got a lineup for y’all today! Are you excited???

We’ve got 4¬†different¬†manga awaiting you. Let’s see if you can guess from the following GIFS

Yes indeedy, we hav for you today:
Dahliya Wilts No More 01-1 (it is the length of a full chapter, I swear!!)
Dahliya Free Craftsman Life 02
A Boy’s Scar 02
Summon Kitchen 04

Well, did you get them all right??

We’ve also got 2 more series that are very nearly done, to guess which ones, take a look at the Project Progress Chart on the side menu!

Why are you doing more manga?

…you might ask.

And the answer may surprise you.

That said, this new manga is quite a departure from what we usually do here at HaruPARTY. It’s not a fantasy, though it has supernatural elements (vampire boy!). It’s not a comedy, just a heartfelt drama about two people trying to become a family following shared loss.

It was just so good and heart warming/clenching that I couldn’t leave it untranslated.

A Boy’s Scar, chapter 1.

Also Fuusuke is adorable and anyone who says otherwise FITE ME