Marielle reads “Tobias is a giant dick” and wishes the Dark Spirit King would whip him out of existence

We’re back with more of our favorite whip-loving romance writer, Marielle!! Check out Chapter 2~

Also fresh off the press, Not a Villainess, also Chapter 2

And rounding it up with Dahliya (and her hate-inducing current/ex fiance Tobias) in Free Craftsman Life Chapter 3, and Wilts No More Chapter 01.2

And yes, Tobias is a dick in both of them.

Mega Update of Awesomeness

Man have I got a lineup for y’all today! Are you excited???

We’ve got 4¬†different¬†manga awaiting you. Let’s see if you can guess from the following GIFS

Yes indeedy, we hav for you today:
Dahliya Wilts No More 01-1 (it is the length of a full chapter, I swear!!)
Dahliya Free Craftsman Life 02
A Boy’s Scar 02
Summon Kitchen 04

Well, did you get them all right??

We’ve also got 2 more series that are very nearly done, to guess which ones, take a look at the Project Progress Chart on the side menu!

Double Dahliya

HaruPARTY is back with our last new manga projects: Dahliya #1 and Dahliya #2

Why #1 and #2? Cause they’re both different adaptations of the same light novel running concurrently by different publishers.

And why translate both and not just the superior one like they do with Kusuriya no Hitorigoto? CAUSE WHY TRANSLATE A MANGA ONCE WHEN I CAN DO IT TWICE! 8D brilliant!

That said, they both target different demographics (one is Josei, the other Seinen). Dahliya Free Craftsman Life appears to follow the Light Novel more faithfully, but Dahliya Wilts No More is more fun and cute and by the artist of manga Rain.

So you have two choices, which should you read first?

Soli’s recommendation is Free Craftsman Life (FCL) Chapter 01, followed by Wilts No More (WNM) Chapter 00. The reason? FCL deals with Dahliya as an adult and her adulthood troubles, but WNM feels like a flashback after reading FCL (and ties in with FCL as the entire chapter of WNM expands on a single panel of Dahliya talking about her childhood in FCL).

So you can follow the herd, or be a rebel! You do you my friend.

And be sure to vote for your favorite adaptation in our discord \o/ (yes, you can vote for both!)