Manga/Manhwa Announcements now exclusively via Discord

Hello there faithful readers! Our release announcements for Manga and manhwa projects are now being done exclusively through Discord (link in the side menu). The reason for this? Sake of ease, as much fun as I had finding all sorts of appropriate gifs for you, it just took a lot out of me every update which I’d rather focus on translating.

Novel updates will still appear here on the blog! (since that’s where the novels live).

Cute Little Staff Members and a Con(vention)

We have a full house!! More new staff members, hooray =D (and most of them can even drink!)

We got Capri mazuran and Screwdriver Snowy on Typesetting. Snowy also joins Tequila Cheli on cleaning duty. And rounding out with midwinteroasis Gimlet (maybe midGim for short??) making things sound fab in English.

And a big Thank You to all who applied, regardless of acceptation!!

And what’s this?

No, actually, SakuraCon.

That’s right, I’ll be at SakuraCon in Seattle, partying it up. If you wanna meet up, hmu on Discord~~ (link in the side menu). We can talk about anime and other associated weebery, maybe catch a drink! Sadly, that means no more releases until I get back.

but instead of drowning your sorrows after the last chapter of Snow White’s Stepmother, instead REJOICE! Thanks to all our new little staff members, we’re gonna have a massive release of Why Duke once I get back. ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE

Like we’re gonna double our chapter count. LOOK FORWARD TO IT

New projects, New staff, New recruitment campaign

HaruPARTY is getting BIGGER

We’ve got Cowboy Mocktail on Cleaning and Redrawing!
Maitai Abi swings into take over the TL of Why Duke (since Jimmy was only doing that one until we got a dedicated TL for it)
And Haru Cider, a KR TL for a new Manhwa we’ll release…as soon as it gets done 8D

No, it’s not done yet, quit checking your watch.

But you know what is done? NEW MANGA PROJECT! From the team that brought you Villainess x Commoner:
It’s got girls, It’s got isekai, it’s got an office lady that was not supposed to be isekai’d, it’s got attractive guys, it’s got a personal guard assigned to the unneeded isekaier, and best of all, it’s got COOKING!!
That’s right our new manga project is Isekai Omotenashi Gohan  wait no, I mean, This “Summon Kitchen” Skill is Amazing! ~Amassing Points By Cooking in Another World~ (aka Summon Kitchen)

Summon Kitchen will be a sub project to Villainess x Commoner (since VxC is our main project), but Summon Kitchen is short and easy to translate, so it’s a fun side project~

And speaking of multiple projects, we’ve grown quite a lot in the last month! So much so, we’re actually in need of MORE staff members. You love HaruPARTY, right? You love drinking alcohol, right?? YOU WANT TO JOIN US, RIGHT???

We’re in need of an actual experienced Typesetter for new Summon Kitchen, cause idk what the heck I’m doing. Also for unreleased girly reincarnation Manhwa. And a bit of Why Duke.

Could also use another Cleaner/Merger so my Cowboy and I don’t get overburdened. (merging is taking small pieces of pages and piecing them together to look like they were never separate in the first place~) Cleaner/Merger would be appreciated for new Summon Kitchen, new girly reincarnation Manhwa, and Villainess x Commoner, maybe sometimes Why Duke.

And I need someone that can English Words Good, native or native-level speaker who can. Comrade and I are the only proofers, would be nice to have one more. Most especially for Snow White’s Stepmother, and periodically the smattering of other projects~ (got quite a few applicants on this one, thanks much people!)

And as always, a Korean translator for the novel “My Sister Picked Up the Male Lead” (check out Secret Land Castle’s translation of the promo manhwa for the novel).

So join our discord linked in the left hand menu (if you’re on mobile, click the menu hamburger in the top left), and DM me! or email theluminaria [at] gmail [dot] com.

HaruPARTY is back…and a little more drunk


We return to the translation scene with Villainess x Commoner (aka The Villainess Wants to Marry a Commoner), now with more manga
That’s right, today we have for you chapter 1 of both the Light Novel and Manga!

(Okay technically Prologue of Light Novel, because someone COMRADE VODKA didn’t get it edited in time, so LN chapter 1 tomorrow~~ ) Because who doesn’t need more Akuyaku Reijou-Reincarnated into an Otome game Villainess Novels/Manga???

Thank you to new permanent staffers Comrade Vodka (an English speaker who is nearly permanently drunk) and Bad Bunny Tea (a manga translator who is too young to drink) for their help with both!

We’ll be releasing more chapters on a schedule of about once a month (or so). Keep track of where we are with the handy dandy Progress Chart to your Left



HaruPARTY just got more KOREAN. Break out the Bulgogi and the Kimchi cause we got Soju Jimmy in the house!!

I got no idea what’s being said, but all I know is that CUTENESS ABOUNDS in I’m Only a Stepmother, But My Daughter is Just So Cute! (short: Snow White’s Stepmother) A retelling of Snow White with a Korean girl reborn as the evil Stepmother…who can’t stop fawning over her adorable daughter!!

Read the Manwha promo here~
*Not an actual manhwa, just novel promo

More idiot parents for the win!


And I would happen to agree. Not only more Korean words, now more Korean PICTURES. That’s right, we gots us a WEBTOON

You heard me! HaruPARTY is now serving you all the good stuff. We got LIGHT NOVELS, we got MANGA, we have KOREAN, and now WEBTOOOONS!!! We may be more drunk, but we’re certainly not out of our minds (or are we???)

Whatever you think, enjoy our final serving of Why Are You Doing This, Duke? (aka, ‘the fuck wrong witchu bruh?? Why Duke?), with an actual real typesetter Soy Milk M.

With more projects and more actual real legit fulltime staff (too many of whom are not of age to drink WTF?????), we kinda sorta promise better releases and stuff, since we now don’t have to completely rely on Soli for all them sweet TLs (just one).

Also Repurposing old gaming discord into HaruPARTY discord so uh, HERE’S A DISCORD I GUESS. And if you want to help out with something by doing something with some relevant skill you have, drop me a line in the discord too~~



The Update Update

Hello all! I am sorry for the long absence, I was trying to take care of a few things behind the scenes before I posted…alas nothing panned out
●| ̄|_

I know many will be sorry, but I will officially be changing to a Teaser Only translation site. No more actual projects with expected releases. It’s been kind of heading that way over the past year anyhow, and I’m sorry I kept things quiet for so long.

The main reason is simply: time. I no longer have the time to dedicate to translating regularly. My time is typically spent hanging out with the boyfriend (I think he’s The One!) and gaming with friends during my time off, and my free time at work that I once spent translating has shifted over to creative writing.
φ(^∇^ )

My web serial, Overseer, is nearing completion (probably only around 20 chapters left), which I have been writing steadily finally at one chapter a week thanks to the guys at FictionGrill keeping me motivated. In other exciting Overseer news, within the next few days it will be leaving RRL to join the novels on MoonBunnyCafe, run by my good friend Alyschu who has wanted Overseer on there for quite a while now, and will be the first original English Novel invited to be hosted there! Wooo!

As for the things I was trying to do behind the scenes, I was hoping to make a smoother transition and get my projects new homes before making my announcement, but sadly, none of the people I’ve approached have been willing or contacted me back. Thus, my projects are up for grabs.
(ノ_ _)ノ

DO NOTE, if someone wants to take over the Light Novel for Yuusha Party, know that I am willing to be a $monetary$ benefactor to you and your group and purchase the digital light novels for you to translate from (For those that need the ability to copy+paste text like a web novel to translate from). Just comment your willingness here with your proper email attached to your username and I’ll strike up an email convo with you.
For those wanting more Yuusha Party now, there is someone translating the web novel version from around where I left off. You can find it on NovelUpdates. (Please, someone get them an editor though).
(☉ε ⊙ノ)ノ

So, this doesn’t mean I’m leaving for good, just no more regular projects or updates. It’ll mostly be a ‘when I feel like it’ kind of thing. I still love you guys
(Ɔ˘⌣˘)(˘⌣˘)˘⌣˘ C)

If you’d like to hang out on a more regular basis, I have a group of people I love gaming with in multi-player games (things like Town of Salem, Duck Game, Minecraft, anything that does multiplayer p.much), so I’d like to invite anyone that wants to into my Discord channel! Just make sure you have the correct email attached to your username here on the site, post you want it, and I’ll email it to you o/ But be careful, once I get my hands on you, we might just game all. the. time.

And so, I bid you all farewell (to regular updates), until we meet again

Comments Fixed—New Theme

Sadly, with the last big wordpress update, my theme that I love (which had not been updated since 2014), broke. No one was able to comment (and I didn’t realize until I posted the most recent chapter of Yuusha Party). Try as I might to get another comment system plugin to use instead, none worked very well with the slim styled theme, and more often than not extended beyond viewable space.

So I made the decision to change the theme. You can now comment regularly again! (and my apologies if you wanted to leave me a comment in the last month and were unable to!) Hopefully everyone likes the new theme. It’s a bit simplistic, but makes for easy reading.

Edit (01/31/16) – After only a month I grew to hate the new layout, so it has changed yet again. This one feels much more like the old one, and I think I’ll stick with it. Yay.

Edit (12/07/18) – My old preferred layout works with comments again, screw those new layouts! Welcome back Flounder layout, my love!

Another update of no updates

So, just as things should have started to slow down at work with the winter season upon us, what should happen but we lose our front desk gal…again…FOR THE THIRD TIME THIS YEAR

( ´༎ຶㅂ༎ຶ`)

I swear this position is cursed OTL at least this time she quit instead of being fired?

(≖͞_≖̥ ;;)

So, once again, 2 people doing the work of 3 people, and right before the holiday season, and having to train for several weeks….again

(☉ε ⊙ノ)ノ woohoo (not)

So the hiatus continues, cause work sucks. I mean, I love my job, but the situation bites. At the very least we have a good round of initial applicants this time!

ლ(´﹏`ლ) Please let this next one stick…


For those watching the translation progress chart, you’ve probably noticed it hasn’t been updating the past couple weeks. That is because I have done nothing to progress it .

Work has been ridiculously busy, and just when I thought I’d get some time to relax and translate as I worked over the usually slow weekend, I was suddenly bombarded with work that i had to do all by my lonesome (since only one person is on staff on weekends). Add to that that this week I work 8 days in a row with no days off (since I’m covering for my manager who is on vacation for a week…which also means we’re down to 2 staff for the week from 3) translations will continue to be slow if I continue to be bombarded with work (omg actually working at work, who would have thought! The horror!!). Sunday can’t come soon enough.

I hope you all will continue to be patient with me.
(シ_ _)シ