Triple release! Yuusha Party, Hitomishiri Onna, Muimui-tan

Triple release for y’all before I fly down south for a couple days!

First up, we have Yuusha Party, Volume 1 Chapter 15. it’s a bit of a shorter chapter, but a nice wrap up of the Guardian Deity arc. The next chapter looks to be twice as long.

Next, I have officially taken on Hitomishiri Onna as a project, and to celebrate, here’s chapter 8! (beware the BroCon!) For those that are disappointed that I didn’t take on one of the other projects, fear not! I have been speaking with a couple other translators that approached me about taking over the teasers, and it appears as though The Lazy Sage and Happy Life will get loving new homes soon! (once they have chapters up, I’ll be sure to link them).

And lastly, I have picked up a much beloved (and sadly mildly abandoned) series, Muimui-tan as a Teaser. I spoke with Indra over at Kurotsuki Novel about taking on the project, and since the current TL for Muimui-tan is MIA, he gave me his blessing. You can catch the previous and current chapters of Muimui-tan over at MoonBunnyCafe (a not-quite-aggregate novel hosting site run by the one and only adorable Alyschu ♥). If you enjoy KumoDesu ga, Nani Ka? you’ll probably also enjoy the laid back, cute Caterpillar Monster that is Muimui-tan.


(Also as I’m basically running out the door for my trip, if people would like to update the usual novel sites in my stead, it would be much appreciated ♥)