Xant & Solistia – The Podcast

So for those that don’t trawl the r/NovelTranslations, or stalk Xant & Minions translations, the past couple weeks, Xant and I have been doing this sorta podcast thing where we fire up a skype call and talk about things related to novel translations…and thing not related to novel translations. Then we invite guests in (normally unsuspecting and wholly unprepared members of the novel translation community) and ask them questions and talk about things, and get side tracked. So much sidetracking (of which Xant and I are the most guilty), which is how the podcast even happened in the first place.

So enjoy! Xant has said if enough people show interest we’ll take this thing live and do twitch or…something iono.


Anyway, be forewarned, if you’re not familiar with Podcasts…they can be long, we are no exception. Both current episodes are uncut and 3 hours long, but if you like fun people and shenanigans, you’ll have a great time with it. Enjoy!