It’s Always Wet in Seattle

Well, the sobriety only lasted for a day as I found myself unconsciously drinking some hard cider this evening. It’s just too delicious, I can’t stop. I mean, you know,

I have come to the conclusion that

and alcohol is created to be consumed. Even if it kills a few (a lot) brain cells.

Time to get back on the drunk train, my dudes! See you on the drinker side!


That’s right, HaruPARTY has taken a good long look at our past actions, and come to the decision and being sober is the only way to go.

No more alcohol, no more drunk translating, no more drunk texting the white house landline, we’ve turned over a new leaf.

All staff have gone through a complete life reevaluation, and we shall be alcohol free from now on!

This is 100% definitely not a joke, look, we’ve even included a link to Alcoholics Anonymous for those of you also making bad decisions in your life.

So have a great day folks, and remember, stay dry!

The bad news: New girl quit after two weeks
ლ(ಠ益ಠლ ……… my life is a lie, will we forever be a two man team in the office? Only time will tell.

The good news: There’s actually been some translation progress on Yuusha Party!
╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑
(you will see on the progress chart 2/15 pages has become 4/15 pages! huzzah). I will, however, be out of town with no computer from this coming Sunday to the next Sunday. Another translator has also approached me about taking over Yuusha Party, and I told him while I do intend to continue, if I cannot produce the next chapter by the end of the year, come 2016 they can take over with my blessings. We shall see if busy-ness or translation prevails!

Wish me luck, and either way you get more Yuusha Party!
٩( ᐛ )و

For those watching the translation progress chart, you’ve probably noticed it hasn’t been updating the past couple weeks. That is because I have done nothing to progress it .

Work has been ridiculously busy, and just when I thought I’d get some time to relax and translate as I worked over the usually slow weekend, I was suddenly bombarded with work that i had to do all by my lonesome (since only one person is on staff on weekends). Add to that that this week I work 8 days in a row with no days off (since I’m covering for my manager who is on vacation for a week…which also means we’re down to 2 staff for the week from 3) translations will continue to be slow if I continue to be bombarded with work (omg actually working at work, who would have thought! The horror!!). Sunday can’t come soon enough.

I hope you all will continue to be patient with me.
(シ_ _)シ

Hitomishiri Onna 9-11

Here for your reading pleasure is Chapter 9-11 of Hitomishiri Onna! Getting close to wrapping up the childhood arc (3 more chapters!), then will get into the as-of-yet unfinished Boyhood arc. I hope the author starts posting more regularly 8^8

And since Hitomishiri Onna only has a total of 23 chapters so far I’ve been thinking of what I wanted to take on after I’m caught up, and have decided to go for a sexy lady story from shosetsu’s Moonlight sub-site (18+ aimed towards females). Y’all can thank Estelion from Onii-chan Yamete for that when I eventually get to it! The story I have my eye on is complete (yay!), so it’ll be nice working towards a definite conclusion.

Other than that, the only big news about Soli is that as of this past Thursday, she officially has a boyfriend whom she likes very much :3 This will probably have almost 0 effect on translations, since, again, most TLing is done at work. Wish me luck that it works out!! *u*

Moving (mostly) complete

So moving went smoothly, I got 11 people to help, and my roommate got 1. Got everything to the new place, cleaned out the old place, and spent time with my mom when she came up to visit for my birthday for a few days (although my actual birthday is tomorrow). There are still boxes to unpack, but it’s at least livable, the kitchen is usable, and I have a bed to sleep on (and thanks to my good buddy Bee, we decimated half the moving boxes just by unpacking all my books XD).

I’m now back in the translating groove. Just finishing up the June Teasers, so they should be posted by the end of the month! Then back to more Yuusha Party =D

…So long as this Riichi mahjong game doesn’t eat my soul! Damn you Saki for this addiction D:

Translations resume!

Those that have been paying attention to the progress spreadsheet in the google docs folder may have noticed translation has indeed resumed!

After my writing flow got interrupted with the visit of my father, and a series of accidents (one of which resulted in a minor case of whiplash that I’m getting a few weeks of physical therapy for, the other which made my car undriveable until it got repaired), I have been getting back into translating. I’m still doing writing, but it’s not nearly as all-encompassing as it was when I first started.

So while translations will be slower than when I first started releasing, as I’ll still be writing a bit, you can expect regular releases again (I’m almost done with chapter 20!). Look forward to it!