Just to keep people updated on HaruPARTY progress (or lack thereof), I thought I’d just let you in on the present situation.

So things are not progressing as I had imagined, and it comes down to two reason: Creative juices and work.

In the creative juices department, while I have dabbled in writing from time to time, maybe a few hundred words here and there (mostly writing information on stories in my head that will likely never see paper), it has been a decade since I’ve been in such a fervor to write like I have been the last couple weeks. And to be honest, I’m gonna milk it for all it’s worth, because I love writing. The chapters are short, and maybe take about an hour or two of creativity to write, and I’ve been doing a short chapter almost every day (normally around a thousand words or so).
(You can find the project that’s been captivating my attention here: http://www.royalroadl.com/fiction/1233 )

And number two, work. My office has three staff members…or at least it’s supposed to. After our front desk gal was caught stealing, we had to let her go, and still do not have a replacement. This means the job of three people is being done by only two, and spring is starting early in real estate this year, meaning us staff are busy helping a bunch of brokers get homes bought and sold (something we didn’t anticipate ramping up until March or April). So being a man down, work is hectic, and there have been times I’ve gone home and not even turned my computer on. If it wasn’t for this, I might still have time for at least some translating after my bouts of creative writing (particularly because the majority of my translating is done at work when I’m not busy).

Thankfully, we have a new gal starting on Monday, and once she’s trained (probably a couple weeks of shadowing), I’ll have a bit more time and not be as stressed/tired/sapped/etc. Until then, most of my leftover free time will likely be spent on my creative writing pursuits, as I’m really enjoying it. This doesn’t mean I’m giving up my projects, I still love Yuusha Party and all my other smaller projects, it just means I’m a bit distracted atm (but I will admit, I’ve been starting to miss TLing, so I will likely return to the Japanese realm soon! And I still do translate a few paragraphs here and there when I’m inspired).

Thank you for your patience and support!

Yuusha Party 19

Yuusha Party 19, conclusion of Raven’s Confession arc is up. As always, read it on Google Docs.
(For those that were curious about the mention of the My Little Pony reference, it was the line ‘dark, dank, and dreary’ which was what the witches from the Volcano of Gloom were trying to turn Ponyland into….DON’T JUDGE ME JUST CAUSE I CAN QUOTE EVERY SINGLE LINE OF THAT MOVIE)

With this, I’ll be taking a short break from Yuusha Party to work on Shinka no Mi for a couple chapters, then coming back to my beloved fujoshi-fodder Youki and friends.

Also great news for those keeping an eye out on our sole manga project. Someone approached me able to transliterate the text from the Manga, meaning I can actually TL +α no Tachiichi! (since as many people might know, I translate by ear being unable to read most kanji). I can’t promise any release dates, but it is actively being worked on! So thank you to Nekokatts coming on board for that role, and Jackman for stepping up as Typesetter and Redrawer.

Also go Seahawks!! *A* <–lives near Seattle

After the holiday break, we return to your regularly programmed Yuusha Party, chapter 17-18. As the next chapter ends the little confession arc, we’ll be releasing 19 on its own, then go back to multi-releases.

As always, read it on Google Docs.

I get the feeling Yuusha Party is set in a world built the same way Naruto’s was, a mix of the medieval and modern (which just makes it more fun!).

Also, anyone that catches the My Little Pony movie reference (talking the old 80s movie!) in chapter 18, super mega awesome brownie points for you!!


Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from HaruPARTY! Our 12 days of christmas release with Re:Translations is finally complete, and I can now get back to Yuusha Party!

Jashin Tensei will be taking a break for a couple weeks until I recoup from the marathon.

With the holidays upon us, I won’t have much time for translating (but I’ll still get as much done as I can!), so I thank you for your continued patience until we get back to a regular release schedule.

Have a great New Year everyone!!

12 Days of Christmas release

Merry Christmas everybody!
Today marks the 12 Days of Christmas celebration by Re:Translation, and by association, HaruPARTY (since we were the majority of the workforce).

Over the next 12 days, we will be releasing one chapter each day of new project Jashin Tensei (13th-24th)

Jashin ni Tensei Shitara Haika no Maou-gun ga Sassoku Metsubou Shisou Nandaga, Dousureba Indaroka <– Google Docs link
I was reincarnated as an evil god and my subordinate’s demon army is on the brink of annihilation, what should I do?
(aka Jashin Tensei)

After going to the great beyond, Hirano Bonta was reincarnated as an Evil God. Descending upon the Demon Lands, he came across his follower, the 108th Demon Lord, the <Dethroned Crown Prince> Drake. A fortuitous omen…thought Drake, who had suffered a great defeat in battle, leaving him with only 200 underlings. On top of that, pursuers were hot on his tail; he was between a rock and a hard place. But the genius strategist Drake was not ready to give up just yet. Despite the crisis, he still held the ambition conquering the world. The history-geek Hirano was super excited and was determined to support Drake as an Evil God, but as a newbie Evil God there was little he could do…just how will they get through this together?!

Yuusha Party 15 & 16 will be live later today or tomorrow!