Comments Fixed—New Theme

Sadly, with the last big wordpress update, my theme that I love (which had not been updated since 2014), broke. No one was able to comment (and I didn’t realize until I posted the most recent chapter of Yuusha Party). Try as I might to get another comment system plugin to use instead, none worked very well with the slim styled theme, and more often than not extended beyond viewable space.

So I made the decision to change the theme. You can now comment regularly again! (and my apologies if you wanted to leave me a comment in the last month and were unable to!) Hopefully everyone likes the new theme. It’s a bit simplistic, but makes for easy reading.

Edit (01/31/16) – After only a month I grew to hate the new layout, so it has changed yet again. This one feels much more like the old one, and I think I’ll stick with it. Yay.

  1. You should put your email address, or a contact form on this site. After noticing this problem, my first instinct was to contact you to let you know, but I soon realized I had no means of doing so due to no contact information being listed and no contact form being provided.

  2. hey, i’m new here, i’ve been busy reading all of yuusha party, i have to ask, were you working on the tate no yuusha manga in the begining? your avatar surely reminds me of a certain person who was helping with the translation.

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