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I know many were sad at the abrupt discontinuation of OreDungeon (see previous news post for details), but for those wanting more, I have stumbled upon a couple English-written stories that were (obviously) inspired by it.

*Note, I have not read these in their entirety, just skimmed a bit, so I cannot assure quality. However, if you want a web serial that is about a guy BEING the ACTUAL dungeon, these certainly fit that criteria!

Mystery of the Dungeon (24 chapters as of this post)

Dungeon Without a Name (5 chapters as of this post)

If you guys have seen any others wherein the guy becomes a dungeon, or some similarly odd/absurd/hilarious premise, let me know and I’ll link it here ♥

Reader suggested:

Lair (39 short chapters as of this post)
I was Reincarnated as a Magic Academy (9 chapters as of this post)

Jashin Average (21 Chapter as of this post, + side stories)
Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou (5 chapters as of this post)
Maou no Hajimekata *18+ NSFW (5 Chapters as of this post)
Master of Dungeon (11 chapters as of this post)
Lazy Dungeon Master (4 chapters as of this post)

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    • Well if you are desperate… you might as give then a chance. Btw lair is pretty good (:|| lair: A “hive”, the body of a creature that lures in prey like humans, monsters and animals in order to grow. Devouring their magic power which resides in every living body.

      Within the hive exist many creatures to guard it and kill the lured in prey. But not all of these creatures are mindless monsters. A “breeder” is born to help the hive with converting the magic power and creating monsters and soon starts to wonder about the world it is living in. A quest to satisfy its curiosity begins.

      – Warning: This is my first story and english isn’t my native language. There might be grammatical errors and badly chosen sentences. –

      Categories: Adventure , Drama , Fantasy , Mature , Original ||
      …another fun story is royalroadl’s overseer is a good reincarnation story where the mc is a non-corporeal entity who is overseeing a race of lizards~
      ||by Solistia
      From the nothingness I appeared. Bodiless, voiceless, ageless, I have only thoughts and emotions to guide me. My one connection to the world lies in the hearts of a small colony of lizards, just on the cusp of maturing. I reach out to them without hands, inspiring them to be more than what they are, shaping their bodies from visions of lost memories. But where do the memories come from? I am always left with more questions than answers.

      In my lonely shapeless existence the lizards cannot hear my words, and they cannot feel my touch, and I must wonder, do I even really exist?

      Called emotional, abstract, and beautiful by readers, this story is an observational account of a disembodied entity that has the power to influence and change a race of mildly intelligent lizard creatures. Memories of a previous life often serve as inspiration, but also generate questions as to whom the entity might have been before it became an Overseer.||

  1. Just wondering, but will you be occasionally checking in case the author returns?

    Also thanks for the recommendations, I also tend to shy away from English amateurs (not sure why though) but there are a few exceptions, however these so far I like, and they seem to be updating pretty constantly.

    • Solistia

      Sadly, it’s not as simple as the story just being taken down, his entire account was admin deleted, possibly banned. In essence, there’s nothing to check. If anything, the author would probably just start a new account (and considering the tons of users on syosetu, it would be near impossible to find him again if he did so).

  2. Title: I was reincarnated as a Magic Academy

    The story is about a dude who gets reincarnated as a Dungeon Core installed in a Magic Academy to keep it in check (repair what the students break, defense against intruders, etc)
    It has 9 chapters so far, the first was on the 8th this month, so it’s relatively unknown, but it’s definitely worth checking it out!
    Oh, and this isn’t a translation but an original.

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  4. W-well… Didn’t expect to stumble across my own story being linked when I was browsing for something to read o.o
    I’m the author of “Dungeon Without A Name” on RoyalRoadL. Thanks for linking it. I’ll eventually get around to writing more! >.<

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