Happy Life picked up!

While I’m working on more Hitomishiri Onna, I got a great surprise today that Ainushi Translations has picked up Happy Life! (Tensei Shitanode Tsugi Koso wa Shiawasena Jinsei wo Tsukande Misemashou | I Reincarnated, so the Next Thing to do is Lead a Happy Life).

They are translating the web novel version, thus they picked up at web novel  Chapter 4, which is directly after my partial light novel chapter 1 translation teaser. Enjoy and go support!! ♥♥

  1. Found it and following~
    Wow the text for my comment is so tiny and white, I can barely see the words as I type. (And it turned black after I clicked on another box.)

  2. I’d like to read chapter 1-3 because the new translator said I canbfindbitbhere. But I can’t find it in teaser nor in project menu. Can you help me?

  3. Why do i have the impression that this group is dead ? ( ._.)
    Not to be rude or anything but there where no releases the past months. I wonder if Haru-san is alright ; w ;

  4. yes… this kinda worries me… months with no release, updatea, or status report. even if it felt rude or like some random possesive boyfriend thinking, months without words is still plenty worrying.

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