Just a little update

Just to keep people updated on HaruPARTY progress (or lack thereof), I thought I’d just let you in on the present situation.

So things are not progressing as I had imagined, and it comes down to two reason: Creative juices and work.

In the creative juices department, while I have dabbled in writing from time to time, maybe a few hundred words here and there (mostly writing information on stories in my head that will likely never see paper), it has been a decade since I’ve been in such a fervor to write like I have been the last couple weeks. And to be honest, I’m gonna milk it for all it’s worth, because I love writing. The chapters are short, and maybe take about an hour or two of creativity to write, and I’ve been doing a short chapter almost every day (normally around a thousand words or so).
(You can find the project that’s been captivating my attention here: http://www.royalroadl.com/fiction/1233 )

And number two, work. My office has three staff members…or at least it’s supposed to. After our front desk gal was caught stealing, we had to let her go, and still do not have a replacement. This means the job of three people is being done by only two, and spring is starting early in real estate this year, meaning us staff are busy helping a bunch of brokers get homes bought and sold (something we didn’t anticipate ramping up until March or April). So being a man down, work is hectic, and there have been times I’ve gone home and not even turned my computer on. If it wasn’t for this, I might still have time for at least some translating after my bouts of creative writing (particularly because the majority of my translating is done at work when I’m not busy).

Thankfully, we have a new gal starting on Monday, and once she’s trained (probably a couple weeks of shadowing), I’ll have a bit more time and not be as stressed/tired/sapped/etc. Until then, most of my leftover free time will likely be spent on my creative writing pursuits, as I’m really enjoying it. This doesn’t mean I’m giving up my projects, I still love Yuusha Party and all my other smaller projects, it just means I’m a bit distracted atm (but I will admit, I’ve been starting to miss TLing, so I will likely return to the Japanese realm soon! And I still do translate a few paragraphs here and there when I’m inspired).

Thank you for your patience and support!

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  1. Solistia

    For those wondering about my day timeline, my job is a full time job, 40 hours a week, 5 days a week. Including the total hour commute to work and back, the beginning of my work days usually start at 7:30am to get ready and go to work, and get home at 6:30-7:00pm (depending on if I go to the store or not on the way home). So that’s almost 12 hours five days a week spent around work. Then I have to make dinner when I get home (sometimes a meal that takes an hour to cook, or just heating up leftovers), and I have two adorable kitties that require attention and playtime, and I like to play online games with my friends, and generally head to bed around 10:30pm. On my days off, I like relaxing and sleeping in, and either not doing much of anything or hanging out with RL friends (social activity!! I’m half and half introvert and extrovert). This is why most TLs are done at work, since I spend half my life there or getting there. /D welcome to the life of Solistia

  2. Thanks for the update.
    I’ll give Overseer a read sometime (probably tomorrow).
    Take your time and get back to translating when you feel like it.
    I’d rather see something from you in a month or two’s time rather than never again.

  3. Thanks for the update. Take your time on translating, I can’t complain since I only leech off the translations.

    Writing is pretty hard to do when you try and focus on it. I work full time too and frequently writing during lunch on my phone with bluetooth keyboard. I have no social life, but after getting home sometimes I just don’t want to write and just play games instead.

  4. Don’t feel pressured by the fact that you haven’t had time to work on translation. Sure, that’s what we want to see from you… but if you work on it so much that you stop enjoying it, then we risk not seeing any more translations, which is a much worse outcome for us. 😛

    Plus, you should definitely stay dedicated to your passion. If you are inspired to write stories, I think that’s awesome and you should definitely give that your priority.

    I do, however, look forward to when you have more time for translation, since I am quite a fan of Yuusha Party. 😉

  5. I was in the same predicament except the creative writing more or less learning a certain languages instead but company had a bunch of projects to pump out from October to February. had to pump out 5-7 projects out a week. All i can say is take breaks in what you love doing and if its creative writing do it to relieve that stress.

    Thank you for the update and for translating.

      • Glad that some of them are still alive (barely),

        Souen no Historia is updating , Gun-Ota too (although just 2 chapters, I’m very thankful), Shinka no Mi also updating although Re:Trans not updating their page about it.

        The only things going on a “hiatus-like-condition” are Yuusha-Party, Slime Tensei, & Master of Monster. >..<
        Btw, I'm still following you… while translating the raw for myself here.
        I just translated chapter 23 last night (although far from perfect) :3
        And no, I'm not publishing it… its for myself to read. 🙂

  6. Overseer is such a beautiful work of literature… almost make me wish you’re a full time writer instead of a TLer… almost… still looking forward to the next chapter of Yuusha though… Keep up the good work!

  7. I was just thinking about Yuusha Party and Shinka no Mi. Figured I’d check here and see what the latest news was. And you definitely have to use the creative juices while they are flowing. Good luck with your writing and such. And thanks for posting about it so we know that you haven’t dropped the project. We’ll all be here waiting when the urge to translate overtakes you again, lol.

  8. Just wondering, is there a way to subscribe to your blog or something? Since I have a terrible time remembering the million different translation groups and checking for updates. But I’d still like to be informed if something is released, since I love this series.

  9. I guess we’re on a bad season for translator? many are busy lately.
    Like indra13 who’s busy with job hunting… (hope he find one with enough holiday/vacation/free time soon so he can translate in-between) :p

  10. It would be my preference that we just wait for Solistia’s continued translation. They are enjoyable, and I see no reason to try to take over someone else’s work unless they have specifically expressed interest in dropping it.

    I can understand wanting to read more, but there is a lot of other things being translated that can be read while you wait.

  11. ^ I mean translating it for myself to read.
    and so far, all the novel that I’m following are still waiting for the updates too.

    I even went and re-read everything while waiting and I’ve spent on anything to read now >.<

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