Moving (mostly) complete

So moving went smoothly, I got 11 people to help, and my roommate got 1. Got everything to the new place, cleaned out the old place, and spent time with my mom when she came up to visit for my birthday for a few days (although my actual birthday is tomorrow). There are still boxes to unpack, but it’s at least livable, the kitchen is usable, and I have a bed to sleep on (and thanks to my good buddy Bee, we decimated half the moving boxes just by unpacking all my books XD).

I’m now back in the translating groove. Just finishing up the June Teasers, so they should be posted by the end of the month! Then back to more Yuusha Party =D

…So long as this Riichi mahjong game doesn’t eat my soul! Damn you Saki for this addiction D:

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    • Solistia

      Gosh that would be nice wouldn’t it. I’ve still been picking away at the next chapter. I finally felt some motivation to write…but then I was moving the next day OTL (worst timing ever 8A8). But thanks to the emotional monstrosity that is Interstellar, I think I may be able to find my groove again while drowning myself in its soundtrack. We’ll see how it goes! (wish me luck!)

  1. Happy early birthday, (I’m just assuming here) but enjoy the chocolate you are bound to eat :p. Also Thanks for all the work you’ve done for Yuusha Party I found it just by chance one day and have enjoyed every chapter.

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