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So I woke up this morning to an update from Komanchi, author of OreDungeon. I was excited…until I saw today’s date under all chapters but the first chapter…there also now seemed to be less chapters. Upon further investigation, Komanchi stated that they decided to rewrite their novel starting at chapter 2 (with revisions to chapter 1).

ლ(ಥ益ಥლ y u do dis to me????

This is probably one of the few downfalls of translating a novel so early in its development. So please be patient as I look through the revisions to chapter 1 and translate the new versions of the chapters /D;;;;

I’m just glad I was so caught up in TLing Yuusha Party that I hadn’t touched chapter 7 of OreDungeon yet….

Also if you’d like to see where I am in translating stuff, take a look at the side bar and click the link to the HaruPARTY Translation Progress Chart

I had no idea I had so many F5 fans, as I’ve seen plenty of anons looking at it without me actually posting an announcement for it (until now). Thank you devout F5ers, you made my day.

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  1. You got owned! XDD

    It surely went like this:

    The author searched the internet for the reader´s impressions on his novel.
    Then he found your blog and reacted like this:
    (õ_ó) — What the … is that blog?
    (・ー・) — …stare…
    (O_O) — This, this….
    щ(ºДºщ) — WHA… someone´s already translating my novel to English…
    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ — He didn´t even ask me for permission!!!
    (¬_¬) — What could his reason be… I know he tries to sabotage my novel…
    (‾‾^‾‾) — Just you wait! I´ll show you!
    (@_º) — Yes, I´ll just do it like this: Revision and rewrite!
    t(-__-t) — Take that!


  2. I feel bad for you to TL twice but for me it is like I got a new DLC so I’m happy.

    I think your blog is the friendliest I know of so ppl keep coming everyday even if you didn’t relese anything daily. You did reply most of the comments after all. I check around 10+ blogs a day(twice or more) This is the only place I get answer if I ask something. It’s may not be a big thing for you but that what made me quite happy.

  3. do that to you, I already read the raws and was waiting to see what was going to happen afterwards… now I’m going to have to read the whole thing again -_-… just hope it’s an improvement and not a downgrade in the quality.

  4. Personally i’m glad he decided to rewrite,

    chapters 7 and 8 made me smash my face into my keyboard. It was going down the path of generic shounen manga, and made me cry tears of blood at all the wasted potential.

    Seriously, good call. Chapters 7 and 8 need to be erased. Permanently.

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