Yuusha Party 10 | OreDungeon 5-6 |Recruitment

Another Double update, though only half as many chapters this time.

Yuusha Party 10

OreDungeon 5-6

Also, are you a native English Speaker, or ESL who feels comfortably proficient at English? Do you really like Yuusha Party and want to help it be released faster?? Do you want to keep Solistia from shamelessly throwing herself at the feet of other, busier editors???

Please join HaruPARTY as an editor! I am in dire need of some editors (the last few chapters have been edited with me begging and pleading free ReT staffers to help 8A8), so I need to add more people to the team! Just shoot me an email at theluminaria [at] gmail [dot] com if you’re interested in being an active editor! Someone with really good syntax skills would also be a nice bonus! Thank you ♥

Also a big thanks to those of you that donated to the tip jar! The chocolate is delicious |D

om nom nom

I may also have bought a couple new LNs with that money, so hopefully more stories in the future ;D

Next update should include another chapter of Goblin no Oukoku (for those dying for another release)

Yuusha Party WN20-22/LN 8-9 | OreDungeon 1-4

Here it is! Finally more Yuusha Party! Also, as of this post, we will officially be switching over to the LN version (now that I have masted the art of text hooking the digital novels to be able to copy+paste =D). LN chapter 8 starts at WN chapter 20. I’ll go back and refigure the older chapters (labeling them as Chapter 1 (part 1/2/etc) as they tie to the LN.

Does this mean I’ll be going back and retranslating the earlier LN chapters? No. Why? They are not significantly different enough to call for it.
Let me explain. Just to double check the difference between the WN and LN, I took them through a text comparison tool. The two are virtually identical as in, a word here and there was changed to fit better, maybe a couple words added, every now and then a new sentence was added or an old one reworked. While there were a couple scene reconfigurations, they were, for the most part, the same. Why bother with translating the LN rather than the WN then?

The reason words and sentences in the LN were reworked was so they made more sense. It’s easier for me to translate when the author doesn’t use weird sentence configurations or odd words. Also the couple scene configurations flow better, and are A) funnier, and B) more adorable.  So yes. We shall be sticking with the LN. As a bonus, that means we’ll also be able to translate the bonus stories in the LNs. Yay, celebration.

So WN chapter 20-22, LN chapter 8-9 is ready for reading on Google Docs or On the Blog
(How many of you just got a new waifu? ;D)

More reason to celebrate! HaruPARTY is adding on a new project. (But wait, you say, don’t you have enough projects already? I retort with, you mean projects I care about and actually want to do? silence fills the room. Do go on, you say).

So, this project was meant to be a teaser…but then I fell in love with it, so yeah, new official project. A relatively new Narou web novel (only 8 chapters as of today), whose title translates to:

Ore ga Isekai Danjonda! ~Tensei shitara karada ga danjonto kashiteita~
I’m another world’s dungeon! ~After reincarnating, my body became that of a dungeon~

I lovingly refer to it as OreDungeon. I just about died laughing from the title and told myself, this needs a TL, like now.  So yes, the guy is, in fact, a DUNGEON. Elf girl slave? Check. Harem tag? Check. Shenanigans?! Double check.
Go forth and read chapters 1-4!

Also, watch out for trucks in Japan. They kill so many people. So. Many.

Teasers, PDFs & coming Blog-hosted chapters, and Tip Jar!

In between translating Yuusha Party chapters, I often come across intriguing titles on reddit or batoto or somewhere else that talks about untranslated Web and Light Novels. If I find it intriguing, I may TL a chapter or two, with no intention to finish, just to generate interest. In effect, a Teaser.  These will be hosted on the blog and not GDocs (yay?). Just click that fancy new menu section, Teaser, to the left.

The first teaser I have is Goblin no Oukoku (The Goblin Kingdom). Although there’s a real summary on the page, it’s basically what if in Re:Monster, Rou wasn’t super OP, stayed a little ugly goblin, and actually used strategic knowledge to take over the world. Fun. Found by a reddit user and I found it interesting. If you’d like to take over the project, just let me know! If you have the next chapter posted, I’ll link you on the Teaser page!

Also for those that have visited the Yuusha Party project page recently, I have a PDF version of chapter 1-19 available for download! It will next be updated when volume 1 is finished (we’re basically half way through right now). I will also be (slowly) adding Yuusha Party to blog pages for those that vehemently dislike GDocs. (Rejoice!). 20 is pretty much complete, just working on TLing 21.

Also you may have noticed on the side a little tip jar. If you like what I do, and would like to say thanks in a monetary kind of way, you can now do so! Unfortunately I cannot promise more or faster chapter releases as my full time job prevents me from doing such. But I CAN promise it will be used to buy chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate. It will make me say ‘Yum’.

You can also continue to give verbal thanks the normal way by replying to the blog posts! 8D

Thanks as always everyone!

Translations resume!

Those that have been paying attention to the progress spreadsheet in the google docs folder may have noticed translation has indeed resumed!

After my writing flow got interrupted with the visit of my father, and a series of accidents (one of which resulted in a minor case of whiplash that I’m getting a few weeks of physical therapy for, the other which made my car undriveable until it got repaired), I have been getting back into translating. I’m still doing writing, but it’s not nearly as all-encompassing as it was when I first started.

So while translations will be slower than when I first started releasing, as I’ll still be writing a bit, you can expect regular releases again (I’m almost done with chapter 20!). Look forward to it!

Just a little update

Just to keep people updated on HaruPARTY progress (or lack thereof), I thought I’d just let you in on the present situation.

So things are not progressing as I had imagined, and it comes down to two reason: Creative juices and work.

In the creative juices department, while I have dabbled in writing from time to time, maybe a few hundred words here and there (mostly writing information on stories in my head that will likely never see paper), it has been a decade since I’ve been in such a fervor to write like I have been the last couple weeks. And to be honest, I’m gonna milk it for all it’s worth, because I love writing. The chapters are short, and maybe take about an hour or two of creativity to write, and I’ve been doing a short chapter almost every day (normally around a thousand words or so).
(You can find the project that’s been captivating my attention here: http://www.royalroadl.com/fiction/1233 )

And number two, work. My office has three staff members…or at least it’s supposed to. After our front desk gal was caught stealing, we had to let her go, and still do not have a replacement. This means the job of three people is being done by only two, and spring is starting early in real estate this year, meaning us staff are busy helping a bunch of brokers get homes bought and sold (something we didn’t anticipate ramping up until March or April). So being a man down, work is hectic, and there have been times I’ve gone home and not even turned my computer on. If it wasn’t for this, I might still have time for at least some translating after my bouts of creative writing (particularly because the majority of my translating is done at work when I’m not busy).

Thankfully, we have a new gal starting on Monday, and once she’s trained (probably a couple weeks of shadowing), I’ll have a bit more time and not be as stressed/tired/sapped/etc. Until then, most of my leftover free time will likely be spent on my creative writing pursuits, as I’m really enjoying it. This doesn’t mean I’m giving up my projects, I still love Yuusha Party and all my other smaller projects, it just means I’m a bit distracted atm (but I will admit, I’ve been starting to miss TLing, so I will likely return to the Japanese realm soon! And I still do translate a few paragraphs here and there when I’m inspired).

Thank you for your patience and support!

Yuusha Party 19

Yuusha Party 19, conclusion of Raven’s Confession arc is up. As always, read it on Google Docs.
(For those that were curious about the mention of the My Little Pony reference, it was the line ‘dark, dank, and dreary’ which was what the witches from the Volcano of Gloom were trying to turn Ponyland into….DON’T JUDGE ME JUST CAUSE I CAN QUOTE EVERY SINGLE LINE OF THAT MOVIE)

With this, I’ll be taking a short break from Yuusha Party to work on Shinka no Mi for a couple chapters, then coming back to my beloved fujoshi-fodder Youki and friends.

Also great news for those keeping an eye out on our sole manga project. Someone approached me able to transliterate the text from the Manga, meaning I can actually TL +α no Tachiichi! (since as many people might know, I translate by ear being unable to read most kanji). I can’t promise any release dates, but it is actively being worked on! So thank you to Nekokatts coming on board for that role, and Jackman for stepping up as Typesetter and Redrawer.

Also go Seahawks!! *A* <–lives near Seattle

Yuusha Party 17-18

After the holiday break, we return to your regularly programmed Yuusha Party, chapter 17-18. As the next chapter ends the little confession arc, we’ll be releasing 19 on its own, then go back to multi-releases.

As always, read it on Google Docs.

I get the feeling Yuusha Party is set in a world built the same way Naruto’s was, a mix of the medieval and modern (which just makes it more fun!).

Also, anyone that catches the My Little Pony movie reference (talking the old 80s movie!) in chapter 18, super mega awesome brownie points for you!!


Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from HaruPARTY! Our 12 days of christmas release with Re:Translations is finally complete, and I can now get back to Yuusha Party!

Jashin Tensei will be taking a break for a couple weeks until I recoup from the marathon.

With the holidays upon us, I won’t have much time for translating (but I’ll still get as much done as I can!), so I thank you for your continued patience until we get back to a regular release schedule.

Have a great New Year everyone!!

Yuusha Party 15-16+

Two new chapters of Yuusha Party today! (I’m also excited because I finally have my physical copy of the LN, yay. Now to wait for the digital release to add pictures to our releases)

Thank you to all our new team members, I now have a harem team of nine guys + myself! You guys get to see the fun things like when I translated a line by swag!Celia-san as “Calm yo tits boi. Cecilia is fuckin’ restin’ in her room dawg.”

Today, in addition to 15-16, we have an extra version of 16. While TLing 16, there were some moments between our MC Youki and his buddy Raven that were quite the fujoshi fodder (let the BL times begin!!). My buddy Creed said “Nah dude, they’re just total bros, no homo.” and thus, we created this bro-ified version, just to show how masculine and bro these guys are. So you can just read the normal chapter, and if it interests you, read the other version.

As always, read it on Google Docs.

As posted earlier, the 12 Days of Christmas project is still on going (see the previous post for details).