Villainess x Commoner (light novel)

Villainess x Commoner (manga)



Yuusha Party (light novel)

Hitomishiri Onna (web novel)

Marietta-hime no Konrei (web novel, 18+)


OreDungeon (web novel, author discontinued, for more like it, see this post)

Jashin Tensei (web novel)

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  1. Would you like to take ·Yomigaeri No Maou· as a proyect? 🙂 Its a really interesting and great story but Oniichanyamete isnt interested in translating it for a reason I dont know why and I think its such a shame for the people to not be able to read a really nice story :D!, Hope you see this comment.. Well then~~ 😉

  2. +@ taishin!! I only read the 1st chapter..and surprised that I found it as one of your project XD. Looking forward to it. Zero-sum manga usually interesting

    as for the novel..I got here coz of Yuusha Party and tried to read the teaser..I must say your selections are good …but if I must choose …I’m curious about Hitomishiri Onna :3

    Thank you for translating those stories and give us chance to know about it (^_^) b

  3. Love all of these projects. RL is a terrible hindrance and the wait kills me, but it’s understandable. Can’t live without…err…living.

    That said, is there any sort of subscription or notification option for when something updates on this site?

  4. I had been reading your work in royal road but as I am not a member of the site yet. I can;t comment there. I will rectify that soon. But I had to say this before. Your work is really moving. I pride myself as an atheist but the story you wrote make me wants to believe in someone omnipresent watching over everyone. Your work is amazing.

  5. Thank you so much for all your hard work and I know that you have your own lives but can I ask if hitomishiri onna has been dropped? I really love it and would like to see it’s translation continued. Again, thank you and I look forward to any updates.

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