OreDungeon – Discontinued

Please note, this title has been discontinued (deleted) in country of origin
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Ore ga isekai danjonda! ~Tensei shitara karada ga danjon toka shite ita~

Alt Names:

俺が異世界ダンジョンだ! 〜転生したら体がダンジョンと化していた〜
I’m Another World’s Dungeon! ~After reincarnating, my body became that of a dungeon~




Web Novel


While on his way to work, white collar worker Shoutarou Sagami got hit by a truck and died. And then, he was reincarnated–into a dungeon.
Whatever fate it was that caused Shoutarou Sagami’s body to become a dungeon, he decided to cultivate himself as a dungeon.
A story where a guy reincarnated with the body of a dungeon decides to advance of his own will. He starts as just a cave, and aims to become a gigantic labyrinth. But before he can get that far, he shelters a lost Elf, supports the cat-eared merchants in front of his entrance, and much more.

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1-6 (Old version)

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  2. Thank you! Also goddamn it, I was enjoying reading the raws for OreDungeon not knowing that there are not a lot of chapters since it’s a very recently made novel. I hope the author comes back since it’s been 11 day since last update.

  3. Parody title: Is it wrong to pick up girls with a dungeon like body?
    lmfao, what if the mc wants to have intercourse? I can imagine that LOOL!
    But anyways, looks like this is gonna be great!

      • You talking about Maou no Hajimekata? …. that one is a bit iffy though :/ considering the Dungeon master summons and rapes a succubus in like the first chapter >.>;; (how do you ”rape” a succubus you ask? O.o heck if i know! )

        Honestly out of the ”Dungeon master” series being translated right now OreDungeon and Evil god Average are the better ones… although i guess both Dm’s in those stories are a bit ”nice” XD

        • Well, if you want a novel with a dungeon master setting, I’m reading one quite good right now. I don’t think I ever laugh so much in my life. But since I read during the night, my mother think I somehow became crazy. Can’t blame her though ^-^
          SOOOOO, it’s about a pretty girl who got one big default: she eyes evil enough to make yakuza-ey people strike a dogeza pose…
          So, once a god(provisional) told her she’s going to be (forcefully) reincarnated in another world, she ask him to make her eyes and atmosphere “average”.
          Only problem? She wakes up stark naked in the middle of the forest, and when she summon her status, she starts to wonder who the heck this god(provisional) took as a standar to make her eyes and atmosphere “average”…

  4. Just read the translation today, and gotta say, the story seems pretty well written. When I read the synopsis, I thought it wasn’t gonna be good, but was I wrong!. Anyways, thanks for bring us this work, and too bad it’s so new, wish it has over 100 chapters, so I could engross myself in read it.

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    • Solistia

      This sounds fabulous XD I TLed the title and synopsis 8D

      Isekai Ana Funtouki ~Otoshiana ni Tenseishite Shimatta~ The Tale of a Hole’s Endeavor ~I have reincarnated as a Pitfall~
      One day I was hit by a truck and DIED. BUT, what’s this? God appeared with an offer to reincarnate me! It’s a smorgasbord of cheats and settings of which I get to choose! Thus, I reincarnated as the Dungeon Master I’d always longed to be――is what I thought, but I seem to have reincarnated as a pitfall instead. God told me, ‘The most I can do with a soul of your level is make you a pitfall of a dungeon.’
      Well, I can’t really help what I’ve become. At the very least, I still have my cheat powers, so I may as well enjoy my life as a pitfall trap!

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