Villainess x Commoner (LN) – Volume 1 Chapter 5

Chapter 5

“Lady Isabella, we’ve arrived.”

Today I actually received permission to visit Ursch-kun so long as my personal maid Marie-chan escorted me. When the carriage door opened, Marie-chan suddenly picked me up and carried me out of the carriage in her arms. From time to time, Marie-chan would treat me as a child like this.

“Marie, I will soon be seven years old. I can get out of the carriage myself.” Regardless of how much I was merged together with Isabella, I was still an adult older than Marie-chan on the inside. When I looked up after asking her to stop because it was embarrassing, Marie-chan had a shy little smile on her face.

“Oh, my deepest apologies, My Lady. I often do this for my little sisters. It is my mistake.” Marie-chan was the eldest daughter of a large family. Since she had many younger sisters and brothers and was used to caring for young children, she was quite doting. Perhaps her attraction to the much older Shaun-san came from a deep desire to have someone older than her dote upon her? While lost in thought, I entered the flagship store of the Schneiver Company with Marie-chan.

Even though it was the flagship store, it was located on the outskirts of the capital and was a size rarely seen in this area—a two-storey building constructed out of stone. The building was originally used as a storehouse. Two generations ago, the Schneiver Company purchased it and decided to make it into their flagship store.

What can I say about it? It was decently spacious and had a decent product line-up— it was something like a hardware store back in my previous life. But unlike a normal hardware store, it stocked an almost unnecessary variety of items.  Customers could choose from a selection of weapons and armor (and other necessities for adventurers), magic items for everyday use, accessories and furniture targeted towards women, even handicraft tools and fabric. You could even custom-order weapons, armor, and dresses. 

‘Are they trying to run mom-and-pop stores out of business?’ were my sentiments regarding the seemingly unethical array of items at first, but their wheeling and dealing seemed to be working out for them just fine. I had originally intended to visit the Schneiver home but Ursch-kun told me “A witch resides in my house, so it’s best not to get too close to there”. Thus, we are meeting at the flagship store today. After meeting up, the next thing on the agenda was a skill-checking session in the name of a picnic.

As we were informing the store clerk of our business, Ursch-kun and his father, Nathan-san, came out from the back. It’s a bit difficult for me to address him as “Nathan”, so I stuck with my tried-and-true “Father-in-Law”. After I exchanged greetings with Ursch-kun, Father-in-Law greeted me, crouching down so that he was at my eye level.

“It’s been a while, Lady Isabella. Thank you very much for coming all the way here to meet with Ursch. By all rights, we should be the ones coming to you.” I got the impression Father-in-Law felt bad about making me, the daughter of a duke, come to them instead of the other way round.

“Not at all. Please think nothing of it, Father-in-Law. Our destination for today is in the opposite direction to my home, so my small detour here is much more efficient. Besides, Ursch and I are affianced, so it matters not who goes to whom.”

Plus, our family isn’t as strict on etiquette and social status as other families are. We have something of a family tradition of liberality. One such that the six-year-old youngest daughter of the family could be easily thrown into the Lycanthrope Unit for training without any qualms. 

So really, don’t worry about it.

Between having to announce one’s desire to visit, and figuring out who should visit the other…if such etiquette was enforced, I’d rather just sneak out and avoid the hassle altogether. 

“If that’s the case, and it poses no issues as you’ve said, I shall kindly avail myself of your pragmatism. Now then, Lady Isabella and Ursch are going beyond the capital’s outer walls today, correct? ……However, it seems you only have one escort?” Father-in-Law looked back and forth between the guard standing behind me and Marie-chan.

As this world contains monsters and magic beasts, large cities hold the responsibility of keeping monsters from the people inside and usually maintain secure outer walls for this purpose. Obviously, this is true for the capital as well. With our destination beyond the security of the outer walls in mind, Father-in-Law was questioning why a duke’s daughter would have only one guard with her. It was Daemon who determined that one guard alone would be enough though, so it must be fine.

At that moment, the attentive Ursch-kun raised his little hand to interject, “Um, we won’t be going all that far, but if you’re worried about Isabella, then should we have one of our people go with us too? Actually, Dad, do you think we could take Paul with us?”

“Paul, you say? I did just see him in the back. Lady Isabella, would you accept one of the guards from our family as additional company?” He was offering us this man named Paul as extra protection and assistance. Seems like Paul had no say in the matter, though.

“Of course. I’m grateful for your concern. I shall take you up on your offer and borrow this man Paul from you.” 

Thanks for joining us today, Paul-san. Even though you aren’t here yet.


“Now then, off we go~”

The coachman cracked the whip and the horses began to pull the carriage. Ursch-kun and I waved to Father-in-Law, who had come out to see us off. The guard followed behind the carriage astride a horse. 

My guard and escort, Muhaimin-san, was a younger classmate of my brother Daemon at the Knight Academy. Instead of becoming a knight, he chose to become a mercenary and works as a guard for our family every now and then. I heard Muhaimin-san was originally from the Country of Southard, a desert land, and immigrated to Rosereale because of his father’s job. His physical features resemble someone from the Middle East in my previous life—he was a handsome man with chiseled features. 

The coachman, employed by our family, was Ol’ Gasparo. Fit as a fiddle and just as cheerful. I often hear him singing songs by the coachman’s stand and I’d say he’s quite talented.

And then, we have the escort borrowed from the Schneiver Company to accompany us, Paul-san, who was sitting next to Ol’ Gasparo at the driver’s seat. He was the same employee who took me by carriage to Ursch’s workshop last time. He wasn’t someone with features that left much of an impression and given how easily he fades into the background, he seems suited for spy work . And actually, if I hadn’t heard it from the man himself, I would never have realized he was the same employee from before. Suddenly, I became incredibly curious about Paul-san, so I secretly used 《Greed (Appraisal)》on him, and…this is… 

“Hey, Ursch. Uhm, I just appraised Mr. Paul and…uh…is it just me, or does he have a weird skill?”

“Ahh, you’re talking about that skill, right? …Ah, it isn’t a skill he got through a hobby so don’t misunderstand him, okay?”

So it isn’t his hobby. You’re telling me it wasn’t for his hobby, but for ‘work’ that he obtained the 《Crossdressing》 skill?

Whut…Servants of the Schneiver family need the 《Crossdressing》 skill? The heck is up with the Schneiver family? Do they also specialize in more mature endeavors?! I couldn’t help but do a double take at Ursch-kun, who began frantically explaining.

“It’s not like that! It really isn’t like that, ‘kay? D-don’t take this the wrong way? It isn’t necessary to have that skill to be hired by my family or the Schneiver company or anything. He just happened to get it from some work he did before we hired him; we definitely didn’t coerce him into getting that skill, ‘kay~?”

“His previous work…What in the world…”

“Look at his other skills… That skill is so eye-catching that it overshadows all the other skills but if you look at all of them as a whole, I’m sure you’ll figure out what his previous job was…” 

Since he said that, I proceeded to take a look at his other skills to get the big picture. I think I can kind of see what it is, but… 

Making sure Marie-chan, who was also in the carriage, couldn’t hear me, I whispered to Ursch-kun, “…does Mr. Paul have a criminal record?”

“He just barely escaped that… Right before he was caught, the previous president, my grandfather, turned the tables and hired him to work for us…” 

If we put the tables back where they were before, that means Paul-san had targeted the Schneiver Company in the past, huh. Why would you hire such a dangerous person, Mister Ex-President?!

“By the way, Isabella? After you went home,  I tried a bunch of things to see if I could see my own 【Status】. In the end, I tried《Eyes of Mammon》 and now I can see my own【Status】too.”

You managed to recreate your【Status】with 《Eyes of Mammon》?! Wait, I thought it was a completely different skill from 《Greed (Appraisal)》?! In fact, 《Greed (Appraisal)》 is more of a “Game System” type of thing, so it doesn’t even show up in my skill list, you know??!

“Woah… Amazing!! Congratulations, Ursch!! You’re a genius to have thought of that!! You’re amazing!! So reliable!!”

I showered Ursch-kun with praise as he sheepishly messed up his bangs and lowered his gaze.

“…Eh, ehhh~ I’m not that good…”

He’s embarrassed!! Call the masses, Ursch-kun is embarrassed!! He’s fidgeting with his hands behind his back!!

It’s such a huge gap from his usual put-together demeanor! I’ve fallen in love all over again!! So cute, so adorable, so wonderful!! I absolutely must sear this image of Ursch-kun into my mind!!

We made small talk as the carriage drove all the way to the capital walls. We were let outside once we showed our identification papers to the guards at the gate checkpoint. I hadn’t expected to see a town right outside the walls so I was surprised to see such a lively one when we got past the gate. The town was full of people who were waiting for approval to enter the capital and travelers stopping by to rest. The droves of souvenir stores reminded me of the hot spring spots and tourist havens in my previous life.

After passing through the town, we reached a plain lined with both stone-laid and dirt paths stretching into the distance.

Carriages rumbled on the stone paths while people and livestock moved along the dirt paths. A giant object approaching the capital on that plain caught my eye. When it came nearer, I finally discovered what it was. I saw something similar on television in my previous life!! It was black though, not mahogany like this one.

“Ursch!! Look, look, that!!” I leaned out the window and shouted, pointing at the thing. Ursch explained at a leisurely pace from inside the carriage.

“Ahh, that’s the steam locomotive. It was created by the Metalia Kingdom which is west of the Rosereale Kingdom and past the Garou Empire. 70% of the citizens in the Metalia Kingdom are dwarves, so most of the larger inventions are created by them.”

I didn’t think science would be so developed in a sword-and-magic fantasy universe, but the technology of this world has developed enough to produce steam locomotives, huh. There weren’t any steam locomotives in the game, so this was a new discovery.

“So that steam locomotive passed through the Garou Empire from the Metalia Kingdom?” If so, then I wonder if we could board that to go to the Metalia Kingdom? They can make steam locomotives, so the Metalia Kingdom might be a steampunk x magic fantasy world. 

That’s so cool, I want to go there!! I want to stay there for a week or two!! Steampunk, here I come!!

“Yeah. 120 years ago, the Metalia Kingdom built train tracks connecting the seven allied kingdoms around them. It took 60 years to do that, though. The one we’re seeing right now is a cargo train so you can’t board that one, but there are passenger trains. I want to board one too, one day.” Ursch-kun looked at the steam locomotive with sparkling eyes. Well, I couldn’t actually see the sparkles since his eyes were still lines, but the eyes behind those eyelids were probably sparkling.

“Ursch, let’s board a steam locomotive together and go to the Metalia Kingdom one day!! It’d be great to stay there for a few days…no, a few months!” Ursch-kun is going to be a merchant and he can make things as an alchemist too. I’m sure he’d be living the life in an industrial hub like the Metalia Kingdom.

“Yeah!! The earliest we could go would be after we graduate from the Magic Academy—after we marry, though. We can go to the Metalia Kingdom for our honeymoon. They’re developing a large airship right now and if they build it before we go on our honeymoon, then we should ride that too.”

Large airship? 

I asked, but it seems to be more akin to an air blimp than an airplane. I’ve never seen airships outside of movies and illustrations in my previous life. That’s so cool, I want to ride one!!

Afterwards, Ursch-kun told me about the characteristics and cultures of the surrounding countries. The Garou Empire was a country with a long history of strong military forces, populated mainly by beastmen. They were strong even barehanded and thus, the Empire is the “Spear” of the seven allied countries.

By the way, the Rosereale Kingdom is in charge of magic. As it’s located closer to the border of the alliance, it acts as the “Shield” of the allied countries. In the case that other countries come to invade, the Rosereale Kingdom’s role is to defend while waiting for reinforcements from the Garou Empire.

The Deana Kingdom to the north, where my elder sister married into, is in charge of medicine. Their lands flourish with medicinal herbs and ingredients and they mainly export medicine. They also invest in medical education for healers, pharmacists and doctors to send out to other countries. Our family doctor also hails from the Deana Kingdom.

My escort, Muhaimin-san, is from Southard to the south, a land half-covered with desert. Although it isn’t part of the alliance, it’s a friendly country that specializes in breeding horses. My tutor only taught me geography and simple history for the surrounding countries, so it was very fun to hear about the special products, characteristics, folkwear and others from a merchant’s perspective.

“This is all hearsay from foreign merchants, so I’ve never actually seen any of these, though.” Ursch-kun laughed awkwardly and spoke of how he wanted to see the other countries with his own eyes one day.

“Then after we get married, let’s go around the world as travelling merchants! As long as we’re together, I’m sure we’ll be able to get by anywhere!!”

“You’re right. If you’re with me, Isabella, it’ll be a fun journey. Let’s watch the moon together in the middle of the Southard desert, okay?”

“That sounds so wonderful! Then, let’s also take that cruise through the gorgeous jade mountains and rivers of the Garou Empire you told me about!!”

“I’ve heard the frost flowers in Deana Kingdom are also really beautiful. Oh…I’m looking forward to travelling around the world with you, Isabella. I’m sure it’ll be really difficult, but it will be memorable enough to be worth it. Let’s definitely go together. Promise?”

“Yeah, definitely!! I promise!!”

While Ursch-kun and I promised each other, Marie-chan tilted her head in confusion as she watched us, “My Lady, hasn’t your manner of speech changed quite a bit?”

“Ah…” She’s totally right. Having gotten along with the easygoing Ursch-kun for a while now, I couldn’t help but drop my ladylike mannerisms in front of him. Besides, I was a commoner in my previous life; telling me to use such ladylike speech patterns 24/7 is the same as telling me to put up an act 24/7! It ain’t fer me, ‘enry ‘iggins! 

I quickly switched back to more ladylike speech patterns, but Ursch-kun showed a troubled smile, “I prefer it when you speak normally to me. You feel closer that way. Isabella with the speech pattern of a refined lady feels so distant, it makes me lonely~”

“Okay, got it. I’ll speak normally.” I immediately switched back much to Marie-chan’s chagrin, but who cares~! There’s no way I can make Ursch-kun lonely. I am THE woman closest to Ursch! Anyways, Ursch-kun and I deepened our bond by talking about everything and nothing in particular until the carriage reached our destination. Marie-chan opened the door for us and we went outside.

Green grass like the kind on a lawn spread as far as the eye can see. The plains were dotted with some hills here and there, but the view was amazing. It was a wonderful place that healed the heart. There were small white flowers with thick petals blooming here and there on the grass. They were super cute, but them being everywhere meant that we could only trample over them as we made our way through the grass. Looking around, I saw what looked like adventurers practicing their swordsmanship and magic in the distance. There were also other groups of people doing various other things.

“This is a great place to have a picnic but an even better place for practicing your magic and martial arts. You see the small flowers at your feet, right? They’re very durable and can absorb most of the impact from magical and physical attacks. Even if you put some elbow grease into your attacks, they won’t budge an inch and you won’t get hurt if you’re thrown to the ground. It’s the best place for a practice area~”

“It’s such a cute-looking plant yet it’s so amazing! I wonder if we can grow them near our mansion? I’d love to cover the whole area with it.”

While we chatted, Marie-chan took out towels from the carriage and spread them out on the hilltop. Picnic blankets did not exist so we use towels instead. I watched her as she worked, thinking how painful it would be to wash the towels when Marie-chan looked up as if she’d noticed something, “Ah, Lady Isabella, there are students from the Knight Academy practicing their swordplay over there. That there is the uniform of Master Daemon’s alma mater. My Lady will soon be one of them too!”


Ursch-kun and I looked at each other. Wasn’t I bound for the Magic Academy? When was it decided that I would go to the Knight Academy?

“Marie, am I not going to the Magic Academy?”

“I was told by the Master and Master Daemon that you will be attending the Knight Academy…Lady Isabella, are you well-versed in magic?”

Oh, is that how it is? I see. I haven’t been checked for magic power or for magic skills so I wasn’t set for the Magic Academy yet. If I think about it, the only magic skill I’ve shown to others is the 【Closet】 so magic probably doesn’t come to mind when my name is brought up. I’ve basically been Hulk Smashing through everything anyways. If this keeps up and I end up entering the Knight Academy because they think I can’t use magic, I’ll be able to completely avoid all of the scenes in the otome game. BUT. I want to go to the same school as Ursch-kun!!!

Okay, I’ve got to get into the Magic Academy. I’m already betrothed to Ursch-kun so I probably don’t have to step on my tippy-toes to escape them bad end flags. If I can enjoy school life with Ursch-kun, I’ll break every single one of those flags!

“That’s right, Marie. I can use magic! Today, we’ve come here to have Ursch investigate my magic skills and maybe let me get in some practice too!”

“My, how exciting! We don’t have a magic teacher to supervise us, so please do refrain from using any dangerous magic.”


It wasn’t uncommon for Marie-chan to give me free rein like this so I’d always thought she was quite an easy-going person. Once I observed the other people around me a little more closely, though, it seemed the people of this world were pretty easy-going in general, for better or worse. Japan, on the other hand, seemed more stringent where safety and etiquette were concerned. Comparing the two, this world has magic but is still developing so I guess the focus isn’t really on the education and cultural side of things?

Well, it is a world where humans are neighbors with monsters and demons and other mythical creatures and whatnot, so you have muscleheads who call for such things as ‘evacuation above etiquette!!’ or ‘brawn over brains!!’ yadda yadda yadda. 

By the way, I haven’t been spacing out on my own while pondering on all the above, just so you know. Ursch-kun was appraising and analyzing my “Magic Eyes of the Seven Deadly Sins,” so I was waiting for his results. He was taking a while, so I was sitting on the hill watching other people practice their magic and swordsmanship with 《Pride (Distant Sight)》.

Ooh, there’s a group of female adventurers over there. Hot dang, they’re so cool. I want to be just like them.

But…what exactly is the point of that bikini-like armor? It’s showing so much; does it really defend anything in particular? No, but wait…maybe she’s more of the agile type, so she can’t use heavy armor…?

After more observation, I noticed that the people of this world don’t engage in close combat such as holding their ground and pushing forward when their blades meet. If the attacker’s sword is blocked, they’ll first retreat by jumping back before going in for another attack. That’s probably the safest approach, since they would likely lose if they tried to continue their offense against stronger demons and monsters.

If it were me, I would prioritize my safety by being, say, a ranged scout or a sniper, but then that brings up the question of whether monsters and demons could be one hit KO-ed. There’s also the issue of my sniping spot being detected in the case of multiple enemies too…

“Isabella, I’m done with my analysis~ This is pretty much all the effects of the ‘Magic Eyes of the Seven Deadly Sins~’”

I stopped ruminating and thanked Ursch-kun for the notes he handed me.

Written in just barely legible chicken scratch were the names of the Seven Deadly Sins and their effects.


“Magic Eyes of the Seven Deadly Sins”

《Pride (Superbia)》 Distant Sight. Sees things from far away and can change perspectives at the target location.

《Wrath (Ira)》 Pressure. Applies intimidating pressure on living things within sight.

《Gluttony (Gula)》 Collection. Stores things within sight into the Closet.

《Envy (Invidia)》 Duplication. Copies and acquires skills that one does not possess.

《Sloth (Acedia)》 Night vision. Can see well in the dark.

《Lust (Luxuria)》 Penetration Sight. Sees through objects.

《Greed (Avaritia)》 Appraisal. Appraises living things as well as inorganic substances.

…Is what the note said, I think…

We’d exchanged letters before so I knew Ursch-kun’s writing was basically on the level of doctor’s penmanship, but this surpassed expectations with its evolution into some sort of secret code. I’ll crack the code with the power of love, but still.

“Huh? The 《Pride (Distant Sight)》I use so often can allow me to change perspectives?” Eureka! I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t asked Ursch-kun to take a look!

“It looks like it~ Let’s try it out later. Also, this 《Wrath (Pressure)》here is the skill you used on the adventurers and the knights when you were playing tag with them.”

Hm? I did?

Ursch-kun noticed my confusion and explained, “It’s the skill that made the maid pass out and frightened the horses that were chasing after you. It didn’t seem to do anything to the warhorses that were trained to run through battlefields, though.”

Oh, ohhhh! That’s it, that’s the thing!! The mysterious energy that shot out of my eyes was “intimidation” all along!! In other words, Marie-chan fainted purely from my intimidating aura?

To test it out, I made sure I could clearly see Marie-chan, who was placing lunch boxes on the towels in preparation for lunch, Muhaimin-san, and Paul-san and then activated 《Wrath (Pressure)》. Just like back then, I felt something come out of my eyeballs. Hmm.

As I watched, Paul-san stiffened. Muhaimin-san flinched but quickly put his guard up and lowered his stance so he could leap away at a moment’s notice. Marie-chan…fainted and collapsed face-first into the towels. 

I see, the effect differs based on their level and experience… Sorry, Marie-chan.

“Isabella, it’s true that intimidating all three of them at once makes it easier to see the difference in effect depending on their level…but let’s do that after you’ve given them a heads up~”

“Yeah…I couldn’t help but try it out right away, but looking at Marie, I also feel like this was a bad idea. I’m really sorry.”

I explained what happened to both Paul-san and Muhaimin-san and apologized, then finished setting up lunch in Marie-chan’s stead. After a while Marie-chan woke up and we engaged in a duel of apologies. We eventually managed to stop apologizing to each other, and proceeded to have lunch.

As expected of a world built off of an otome game. There’s so much delicious and stupidly extravagant food. Most of it looked like it came straight out from a café menu, the kind that’s popular with the ladies. Hearty and filling food more geared towards men were practically nowhere to be seen. I probably haven’t had much exposure to commoner food as the daughter of a duke. Who knows, I might be able to confirm that beef rice bowls exist at a diner in town or something.

Even if they don’t, there’s no way I’d be capable of recreating the food from my previous world and conquering this world as a culinary warrior, gaining honor and glory with my unparalleled cooking skills. You really shouldn’t expect much from a woman so disinterested in food that she died from malnutrition in her previous life. 

That said, I technically have a Chef skill. I wonder what will happen if I use that skill when I can’t actually cook? I’d like to put that on the ‘skills to try’ checklist for today too, please and thank you. 

“Ursch, I’ve never cooked before but I have a Chef skill. What do you think that’s about?”

Marie-chan and the others did a double take at that. Hey, now. I get that it’s probably some impossible feat and I understand how you feel but why are you looking at me like that? 

Muhaimin-san swallowed the food in his mouth in one go. “Lady Isabella, isn’t the Chef skill a job skill that can only be obtained after training your culinary skill as much as possible? Why do you have such a skill when you’ve never cooked before?”

I get where Muhaimin-san is coming from, but I seriously can’t tell him that I just got it from a game in my past life, “I’m asking because I don’t know…”

“O-oh, you’re right. Why indeed?”

And, even though I cooked in the game, it was more of an idle minigame where I obtained all the ingredients, pressed the “Start Cooking” button, simply waited for the allotted time…and then the food would appear even though I had neither cookingware nor a kitchen. On top of that, the waiting time could be shortened to an instant by using the “Sands of Cooking-Time” item that one could buy from Ursch-kun. As a result, even though I possess the Chef skill, I don’t think I could feasibly cook.

“Won’t we figure it out if you give it a try~?” Ursch-kun suggested I try cooking.

“Ursch…Even if I tried, I wouldn’t have the courage to eat it… I have no idea what the end result would look like.”

“Eh? What are you talking about? It’s your cooking, Isabella~ Of course I’ll be the one to eat it~”

I appreciate the thought, really, I do. But there is no way in hell I’ll let my beloved Ursch-kun eat something that will probably look like it came out of hell!! This is no longer a matter of whether I have the courage or not. I’ll have to taste-test under the pretext of checking for poison before letting him anywhere near my cooking.

“I don’t want to force you, Ursch, so please eat it after I get better at it.”

“I really don’t mind what food it is as long as you made it, though…”

Now that we’ve had lunch, it was time to check my skills.

First, 《Pride (Distant Sight)》.

When I use it like simple binoculars, I can see as far as ten kilometers away. So there was a limit to this…tsk. 

Next was changing my perspective while still looking into the distance. Think about how 3D games change their perspective like swivelling a camera…ooh, there it is!! I can move the camera around from outside my body! If I turn it towards this way…whoa!! I can see myself!! Ursch-kun next to me, check!! And so, I got carried away and changed my perspective to here, to there, everywhere…

“Isabella…are you okay? Do you want some water? How about some tea?”

I think I’m going to puke…this is that thing, y’know, motion sickness? Speaking of which, I was so susceptible to motion sickness that I got sick from merely trying G*ogle Street View in my past life…

Concerned, Ursch-kun fussed over me, patting my back and conjuring up water for me to drink. I’m so sorry about this.

Should I train in moderation so I won’t get sick, or should I use this only when I absolutely have to? …There’s still a lot I don’t know about this world, so training it is. Alrighty then.

Once I got better, we moved to the next skill, 《Gluttony (Collection)》.

Isabella used Gluttony on a bird hopping around near us! 

Nothing happened. 

Isabella used Gluttony on some bugs! 

Nothing happened. 

Isabella used it on… My takeaway was that Gluttony didn’t work on living things.

Next, I tried using it on a couple of items that Ursch-kun placed at various distances away from me.

The conclusion to this experiment was that distance had no effect on whether I could collect something or not. Instead, the key prerequisite was that I had to be able to see and recognize the item to be collected. Even if two items were the same distance away, I could easily retrieve the bigger, easier-to-see item while I couldn’t for the small item that I was unable to make out. Also, if the item was slightly covered or blocked from view, I would be unable to see its whole shape and thus it would be uncollectible.

But! Never fear, 《Pride (Distant Sight)》and《Lust (Penetration Sight)》 are here! Heeheehee. I can activate two Magic Eyes at a time so I can collect most things as long as I combine the two, heeheehee.

“Isabella…This skill is very dangerous. If you’re not careful, you could even get away with stealing secret treasure from a safe and have a perfect alibi…”

“What?! That’s terrifying!! Now that you mention it, it really is much riskier than I thought it’d be…I’ll make sure not to use it in front of other people too much. I won’t pair《Gluttony (Collection)》with other Magic Eyes.” The idea had never crossed my mind before Ursch-kun pointed it out. I thought too lightly of this skill. It would be really, really bad if others found out about it.

“Yeah, that would be for the best~ You might get targeted by a lot of different people otherwise.”

Anyways, we’ve finished checking 《Pride (Distant Sight)》, 《Gluttony (Collection)》, and 《Wrath (Pressure)》. There were four more to check, but 《Greed (Appraisal)》, 《Sloth (Night Vision)》, and 《Lust (Penetration Sight)》were pretty straightforward, so we skipped to the last one,《Envy (Duplication)》. 

When I tried to check it out on my own, it wouldn’t activate, so I had no idea what kind of skill it was. It sounds really amazing on paper, though. I can obtain skills by copying them!

“First, we’ll have to figure out the conditions to activate it. 《Gluttony (Collection)》is always used in combination with 【Closet】, so maybe you have to combine it with some other skill? Wanna try using it with 《Greed (Appraisal)》 first?” After some discussion, we decided to have me try using《Envy (Duplication)》 on Ursch-kun’s《Holy Magic》while having his status box open. 

My top priority right now is obtaining the《Healing Magic》aspect of 《Holy Magic》after all. It’s extremely important that I can heal Ursch-kun if he gets hurt or something. But nothing happened. Even after some more discussion and trial and error, we still had no idea what we were missing for the skill to activate.

“Hmmm, let me try and appraise 《Envy (Duplication)》 one more time. It will probably take a while, so have a seat and rest a bit~”

So I sat down next to Ursch-kun on the towels as instructed while he appraised my skill.

From an onlooker’s perspective, we must make for a curious pair; me sitting there drinking tea with Ursch-kun on the side just staring holes into me. Marie-chan gave us some concerned glances, but still left us to our own devices. I know it’s only for appraisal purposes, but my face still slowly flushed a bright shade of red from embarrassment as my beloved Ursch-kun continued to stare long and hard at me.

Please please please hurry up! My face might catch on fire at this rate! Spontaneous combustion is imminent!

“I seeeee… Isabella, I’ve discovered the requirement to use 《Envy (Duplication)》now~” Ursch-kun finished his appraisal just in time as I was on the verge of imploding into an embarrassed mess.

Apparently, if I want to duplicate a skill with 《Envy (Duplication)》, I have to see it in action. In other words, if I want the 《Holy Magic》skill, I have to use 《Envy (Duplication)》 while someone is actually using《Holy Magic》. Now that we knew how to activate the skill, it was time for some more skill-checking. Ursch-kun used 《Body Enhancement》, a type of 《Holy Magic》, while I activated my 《Envy (Duplication》.

Yes, 《Holy Magic》 GET!! 

To be honest, despite my “Magician” job skill, I didn’t have any elemental magic skills to go with it. Thus, I couldn’t use any magic other than 【Closet】 and “The Magic Eyes of the Seven Deadly Sins.” I did have elemental magic back when I played the game, but maybe because I never actually used it, it didn’t transfer over. Anyways, this means that 《Holy Magic》 is the first type of elemental magic I’ve gotten my hands on.

After that, Ursch-kun used a bunch of elemental magic for me, and I copied them all with 《Envy (Duplication)》. In the end, I obtained nine types of elemental magic:《Holy Magic》, 《Dark Magic》, 《Thunder Magic》, 《Sealing Magic》, 《Fire Magic》, 《Water Magic》, 《Wind Magic》, 《Earth Magic》, and 《Light Magic》.

New toys are for playing with, yeah? I want to use them all right now!! Which of these should I play with first…is what I was pondering as I was enjoying my afternoon tea at three with Ursch-kun, when suddenly that happened.

Among the people out practicing in the fields were students from the Magic Academy. And one of them was a summoner.

Geez, what a pity. If only I’d realized earlier, I would have gotten summoning magic with《Envy (Duplication)》… Wait, this was no time for complaining.

Mr. Summoner managed to summon himself a giant monster with the head of an owl and the body of a bear. And when I say giant, I mean an ABSOLUTE UNIT. Hmm, I’d say it stands at about five meters (16’5”) on its hind feet? It was running around chasing its Summoner and the other Magic Academy students all over the place. If it were pink, it would look just like a Bewear chasing its trainers around.

Did I trigger some kind of event after obtaining so much elemental magic? Is this a high stakes tutorial battle where someone might actually die?

“Ohh, that looks like an Owlbear.” Ursch-kun commented beside me. From what I could see, the other adventurers and the students from the Knight Academy were all rushing in to help so it looks like I’ll have no part to play in this emergency quest.

“What kind of monster is an Owlbear?”

Ursch-kun answered my question while nibbling some snacks. Gosh, he looks so relaxed, “As you can see, it has the head of an owl and the body of a bear. The front limbs of some Owlbears are even covered in feathers. They are created via magic, so I wonder where this one was summoned from? Did that shock its creator? Or wait, maybe it was summoned because it doesn’t currently have an owner? Something else to note, they’re feral and extremely difficult to tame~”

While Ursch-kun was explaining, the Knight Academy students took to protecting the Magic Academy students as they fled while the adventurers faced off against the Owlbear. Muhaimin-san and Paul-san stepped between us and the monster, and kept an eye on the Owlbear just in case we had to run away. Meanwhile Marie-chan was quickly cleaning up the picnic area so we could escape at a moment’s notice.

And Ol’ Gasparo? He’s been hanging out by the carriage this entire time, so he wasn’t even with us.

So. The Owlbear turned out to be quite the formidable foe. Even the adventurers were being forced to be on the back foot by it. Now that I think about it, all the adventurers were here to train so likely they were newbies with little in the way of ability and experience.

I appraised the Owlbear and the adventurers and, just as I thought, the Owlbear’s level far exceeded the adventurers’ ability to defeat it. It was only thanks to their exceptional teamwork that they’d lasted this long.

“He~y, Isabella? Why not take this opportunity to practice some magic on that Owlbear? Offensive magic would be too dangerous for a newbie, so how about some support magic?” Ursch-kun suggested, so as per his suggestion, we decided I’d use light magic to blind the Owlbear. I wouldn’t want to accidently hit the adventurers with any offensive magic so we’ll save that for another day. Light magic isn’t much different from a lightbulb, so it shouldn’t be dangerous…in theory.

Well, it’ll hurt the undead, but you get the point.

Following Ursch-kun’s advice, I targeted the Owlbear’s head and imagined myself using light magic. Your imagination is the limit when it comes to magic, so says Ursch-kun.

OK Ursch-kun, I gotchu! With the power of CG movies, games, and anime as my arsenal, elementary magic skill, activate!

Target Acquired, Owlbear’s forehead: Lock on! Aaaaaand let there be LIGHT!


Owlbear, K.O.

………………Sorry, that was too literal, even for me. I didn’t really make myself clear. I’ll do my best to properly explain, but even I don’t really know what really happened. C’mon guys, don’t look at me like that. Not with that gaze that screams “inconceivable”…don’t…don’t look at meeeee!!

The only one not looking at me was Ursch-kun, who had his head in his hands, mumbling under his breath, “I should’ve known this would happen given Isabella’s MP, I’m such an idiot!!” Hmm, how should I explain this. I really, honestly just wanted to throw an orb of light at the Owlbear’s head. 


I’m not even kidding. 

Yet for some reason, I instead fired a laser and BOOM! went the Owlbear!!

Phew, it’s a good thing I waited for the adventurers to fall back a bit before I used it. I hadn’t wanted to blind them, which saved them from becoming little adventurer bits amongst the carnage!! Light magic is so freaking terrifying!! Just who was it who said it was harmless magic that only damaged the undead, huh?! It could turn into a nuclear bomb if not handled with care!!

Everyone at the scene of the crime shook themselves out of their stupor and swarmed me all at once. The Magic Academy students were especially crazy. They refused to believe me when I said it was light magic. In the end, Muhaimin-san and Paul-san fended off the swarm of people and escorted us back to the carriage.

On the way back, Paul-san couldn’t help but say, “I wasn’t really necessary as an escort, was I.” Those words left quite the impression.


On our way back to the capital, I asked Ursch-kun something that had been on my mind.

“Hey, Ursch, the HP and MP I can see with 《Greed (Appraisal)》 are capped at 999, but how much MP do I really have?” I kept my voice at a whisper to keep Marie-chan from overhearing my true HP and MP. 

Ursch-kun whispered back, “Ohhh, right, your status was limited by the game rules from your previous life, so it stands to reason the appraisal results would also be limited. That might cause problems when you look at other peoples’ statuses…”

Ursch-kun sank down as he mulled it over. Then a lightbulb went off over his head, and turned to me and said, “Why don’t you try to 《Duplicate》 my 《Eyes of Mammon》? Then you’ll be able to see statuses without your world’s restrictions, right?’

We had no idea if 《Envy (Duplication)》 would work on the Sin King skill as it was an upgraded version of the Magic Eyes of the Seven Deadly Sins, but…nothing ventured, nothing gained!

I…think it worked, but at the same time didn’t.

First, 《Greed (Appraisal)》 evolved into 《Greed King (Mammon)》. You heard that right. 《Greed King (Mammon)》, not 《Eyes of Mammon》. And when I used 《Greed King (Mammon)》 to view my own status…

Oh my gosh it’s glitching out… Why is it glitching?! Please stop glitching!! Just to make sure I wasn’t going crazy, I checked Ursch-kun’s status…

Phew, Ursch-kun’s status is completely normal. Only mine is acting up.

After comparing our statuses, mine glitches out around the “human” race line and the social positions of “Fifth Child of Rottenstein Family” and “Rosereale Kingdom Daughter of the Duke”. 

Now even I’m not sure what kind of entity I am…

I knew I might have just a bit more health than the average human being and some other things, but I really didn’t need to see that reflected on my status, you know…wait, hm? What’s this…? Ursch-kun’s hereditary skill《Eyes of Mammon》 has…disappeared…? Eh? Wait, what? Why?! “U-U-Ursch?! Uhm, 《Eyes of Mammon》 has disappeared from your status!!”

“Ah, yeah. That’s true…《Greed (Avaritia)》 has evolved into 《Greed King (Mammon)》after all… Sorry, Isabella…”

“Wait, that’s not what I meant!! I’m not shocked about that, you got me?!” Why is Ursch-kun even apologizing to me?!

Ursch-kun hung his head and kept apologizing profusely to me until we arrived home and got out of the carriage. 

Seriously, you don’t need to apologize!!!

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TL: Shiki Brandy
Editors: Angry Water & Midwinter Gimlet & Solistia Cosmopolitan
QC: Midwinter Gimlet & Solistia Cosmopolitan

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