Yuusha Party

Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita


Alt Names:

There was a cute girl in the Hero Party, so I tried confessing.




Web Novel


A boy, Youki, is reincarnated as a demon mini-boss in a fantasy world, but when the Hero Party comes to kill the Demon Lord, he falls in love with the cute cleric Cecilia. This love at first sight causes a problem as he is no longer a human, but part of the demon enemy she was sent to defeat. What on Earth will happen when he tries confessing to her?

This is a fun story with short chapters. If you’re wanting a novel with depth…this isn’t what you need. But if you’re looking for a short pick-me-up fantasy romantic reincarnation comedy drama (probably) story, this is the one for you!


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Or, read on the blog,
Volume 1 Chapter 08
Volume 1 Chapter 09
Volume 1 Chapter 10
Volume 1 Chapter 11
Volume 1 Chapter 12
Volume 1 Chapter 13
Volume 1 Chapter 14
Volume 1 Chapter 15
Volume 1 Chapter 16
Volume 1 Chapter 17

Read WN 1-19 (LN 1-7) as PDF

Chapter 18+ @ https://rinkagetranslation.com/yuusha-party-no-kawaii-ko-ga-ita-no-de-kokuhaku-shite-mita/

You can read the original web novel here: http://ncode.syosetu.com/n2959bs/


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  1. Thank you for translating this novel. Lately I’ve been reading many translated novels where the MC suddenly finds himself in a fantasy world, but this one is the most “charming” one. So, thanks for picking it out.

    Also, I like the English edited translation. It is easier to get lost in the author’s story.

  2. Thanks for translating.
    I have 2 questions regarding translated parts:
    1. In chapter 9 on page 3 there is an instance of “Yuusha-kun”, is this intended? On the next page he is then called Hero-kun.
    2. In chapter 16 on page 4 after the scene switch, the first 3 lines seem to be somewhat out of place and would make more sense when he thinks about this before the switch

    • novel*. Also, can you not advertise your own crap on someone else’s translation page? It’s rude as hell. I’m not sure if Solista herself minds, but literally every translator and web novel writer i’ve seen hates it when people do that, as do every single youtuber who gets people promoting their own channels on someone else’s video. So pretty sure that she hates it as well. Even if you say “she might not care”, it’s rude as all hell for you to do this.

  3. Please keep in mind that translators have their own time commitments and receive no remuneration for their efforts. It’s rather rude to rush someone for a service you have no right to receive, so please refrain from doing so.

    With that said, thank you very much for translating this series! Really appreciate you taking the time to help those of us who aren’t proficient with Japanese.

  4. I am not rushing for translation simply for a status post Like writing its on hiatus due to RL problems but we will continue or its dropped or we are still translating simply some description of the projects status.

    • Solistia

      No worries, the wait is almost over! Just finishing up the First pass TL, then after a little TLC it will be released to the world! Also, while I am certainly completely transparent about the status of my projects (just see the progress chart to see exactly where everything is), Wanga is referring to some of the more sensitive TLers out there that even the hint of it seeming like people are asking/pushing for updates will cause them to freak out, so just keep that in mind with other TLers (not me ;D)

  5. Thanks for translating this! I just love this series~
    It’s such a relaxing and funny read that I couldn’t help but re-read this 3 times!
    Looking forward to future updates!
    Will the be updated on the PDF?

    • Solistia

      That’s because they’re not done yet. Quite a while ago I swapped from the web novel chapters to the Light Novel chapters (which condensed several WN chapters in 1 LN chapter). In the Google docs you’ll see chapters labeled as “part #”, this was originally a whole separate chapter in the WN version. You can see the refernece on the PDF version that WN Chapters 1-19 equate to chapters 1-7 in the LN.

  6. Almost 2 months since last release and according to progress chart chapter 18 has not been started yet.
    Did you go on a break, or is the series dropped or did you forget to update the progress chart?

  7. So not sure what your current situation is with you but I do appreciate your groups work and was wondering so sorry if this sounds rough but I would really like to know what the status of this is

  8. Hello, I’m very like with this LN and decide to make PDF and EPUB for my personal collection, but can I have your permission to share it ?
    Of course I also will ask for the other translator that continue your work. I will share if both of you give the permission 🙂

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