Yuusha Party v1c17

Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita – Chapter 17


I tried to pay a call.

Translation by Solistia

Proofing/Editing by Hakubruh, Lytic, Neo(Xant & Minions), & Wafflez


The next day I got to know even more about Clayman and Sophia-san’s lovey-doveyness.

I was so jealous of the two of them that I became love sick. I didn’t want to do anything other than go see Cecilia. I passed on going to the guild in favor of writhing in agony on my bed.

“Hey, brat. I thought so yesterday, but honestly, you’re being very annoying!”

“…It’s whatever~. Just leave me alone~.”

“Yeargh, I’m getting irritated just looking at you! I’m sure you’re just longing to see that cleric girl, aren’t you? So just get out of here and go see her!”

Guy’s right. If I go see Cecilia, my love sickness will be instantly cured. But I hadn’t made any plans to see her today. And the likelihood of her already being engaged in some clerical work was so high there was almost zero chance of her even being home. Plus, Guy’s just running his mouth off like it’s easy to meet up with Cecilia.

“…Even if I want to see her, I can’t. Dammit!”

“Ugh, hey brat, what are you…”

I was extremely pissed off, so I changed Guy’s appearance again. Instead of the Sphinx, he was now the beautiful Venus de Milo. I might have been irritated, but I didn’t do a half-assed job.

“Looks pretty good, if I do say so myself.”

“Hogwash! The last one was better! Change me back!”

I ignored Guy’s pissing and moaning and lied back down on the bed. I went to all the trouble of making a new statue, no way I was gonna change him back. I didn’t pay any mind to Guy’s furious complaints and went to sleep.

I awoke to the sound of someone knocking on the door. I got up off the bed, still half-asleep. I only slept for about an hour, and with such an insufficient amount of rest, my sleepy brain didn’t want to work.

I scratched my head, wondering who could possibly be at the door.

“Youki-saaan, are you there?”

Wasn’t that Cecilia’s voice behind the door?

“I’m here, I’m here! Gimme just a minute!”

To think Cecilia would come and visit me! I quickly changed out of my sleepwear into my everyday clothes, making myself presentable. After quickly picking up the room, I opened the door in the highest of spirits.

“Pardon my intrusion.”


There was Cecilia in everyday clothes, with a hat and glasses to hide her identity. Also disguised in plain clothes, and not her normal maid attire, was Hapyneth.

What was the story behind Hapyneth being here too? I was stoked that Cecilia came to see me, but I had hoped it would be just the two of us… I guess that was just wishful thinking. Anyway, Guy was already in the room, and just her coming here was enough to put me on cloud nine.

“I apologize, coming to call without notice. I hope I’m not disturbing you?”

Cecilia looked very apologetic. Of course she wasn’t disturbing me! Rather, she was more than welcome. I wanted her to come. To treat the love sickness of wanting to see her, this was just what the doctor ordered. Hapyneth had a strange look on her face as if she could see what I was thinking.


She said as she looked down on me with disdain. Why did she feel the need to go so far as to say that? What’s wrong with thinking about the girl I like?! As Hapyneth and I glared at each other, Cecilia humbly asked,

“Excuse me…Youki-san?”

“What is it, Cecilia?”

“May we please enter the room?”

“…Oh, right.”

Even if we were having a throwdown, it’s not like we couldn’t continue inside the room. I put our staring contest on pause and let them into the room.


Immediately after entering, Hapyneth asked after me in a confused manner.

“What’s up?”

“…Where’s Guy?”

“Isn’t he over there?”

I pointed to the Venus de Milo. He didn’t say anything, making me wonder if he was asleep. After staring at Guy for five seconds, Hapyneth only said one word.


“Why not?!”

It can’t be that she found fault with this statue too? First the Sphinx, now the Venus de Milo?! I made it while I was in a foul mood, but I don’t remember cutting any corners.

“What do you think, Cecilia?”

“M-me?! Um…”

Suddenly being asked to comment on the topic, she faltered at first. I couldn’t help thinking she was adorable while I waited for her answer.

“I think, it’s a bit unappealing…”


I struck out with Cecilia too. That’s three losses in a row. I could only feel that the world of fine arts was too profound for me at present.

“…So, what brings the two of you here today?”

I’d have to think a lot harder about what to change Guy into next time, but for now I asked why those two were here.

“…Laugh at Captain.”

“And just what do you mean by that, Hapyneth-san?”

Going out of her way to bother Cecilia into accompanying her on her day off, Hapyneth came here just to make fun of me?

I can think of a million more productive ways to spend a day off. Once again, Hapyneth and I were staring each other down until Cecilia came in to mediate.

“Hapyneth-chan, please don’t joke around. And Youki-san, please control yourself…”

Under Cecilia’s instruction, we both backed off. Back in the Demon Lord’s Castle this was a normal occurrence, but this time I suppose it was fine not to deliver the finishing blow.

“Have you both finally calmed down? Then let’s get down to business…except that we really did come by just to visit.”

I thought they were here for something important, but I guess not.

In order to lessen Hapyneth’s burden and get Teal-chan hired as a maid at the mansion, Cecilia had quickly finished up her work in Dagaz village. And now she had the day off.

I was glad for Hapyneth getting an extra helping hand.

“Which reminds me, how has Shiek-kun been lately…?”

Cecilia recalled what had happened to Shiek at Dagaz village. Because of Mirror, the hero of the Gallis Empire, Shiek had been wounded both body and soul.

“Well, he still seems to be depressed about it.”

“I see…that’s quite worrying.”

It wasn’t just Cecilia; Duke, Hapyneth, and I were all worried about him.

Still, it was a steep hurdle for him to get over. He didn’t come back to the Inn last night either, so I had no idea where he was.

“…Okay now.”



Hapyneth made both of us exclaim in surprise. Just yesterday, Hapyneth was over here agonizing about it, what changed in only a day?

“Has Shiek finally snapped out of it?”

“…Not yet. But Celia-san has a plan.”

“My mother does?!”

When we interrogated Hapyneth further, we found out Shiek was staying at the Aquarain mansion.

“You didn’t know, Cecilia?”

“No. Yesterday I spent all day reporting about the happenings we encountered in Dagaz village…”

So she didn’t know because she’d been too busy lately.


Yesterday, Celia-san had some business in town. When she was done and getting back in her carriage, she found Shiek trudging along by himself. Noticing something was amiss, Celia-san took Shiek into the carriage and headed back to the mansion.

“…Did Mother essentially kidnap him then?”

“Something like that, but since he’s under my care, I’ll forgive her.”


After they returned, Celia-san got the whole story from Shiek.

She silently listened to him as he recounted how Mirror completely crushed and humiliated him, and he was so vexed he began to cry. She held onto him and gently stroked his head until he ran out of tears.

And once he had exhausted himself from crying, he fell asleep and stayed overnight at the mansion. It should also be mentioned it took about 30 minutes to get the whole story out of Hapyneth.

“I didn’t realize something like that occurred at the mansion yesterday. I could expect no less of my mother.”

Maybe it was because she was in the business of healing others, but Cecilia was touched by her mother’s ability to soothe Shiek’s pain. Cecilia herself had tried to cheer him up, but it looks like no one but Celia-san could pull it off.

Considering Shiek’s circumstances, it looked like I hit the mark thinking that, of any of us, Celia-san could break him out of his stupor.


“For me?”

“…Relinquish custody of Shiek.”

“Wait wait, why didn’t you mention that earlier?”

That really did sound like something a kidnapper would request. But, even hearing it said like that, I honestly didn’t have a problem with it.

“Tell her I said it’s fine.”


“I had planned to ask her anyway. This just eliminates the need for me to ask her in person, I guess.”

“Is that so?”

Cecilia was the only one who looked confused. Hapyneth and I knew Shiek well, so for us, it was just a matter of course.

“Well, yeah. For Shiek, Celia-san is more like a mother to him than his own mother was. As for why, it’s a long story, so I’ll tell you some other time.”

It was a very important story about Shiek, and I didn’t feel comfortable talking about it unless he himself were here. I would tell Cecilia later when the chance arose.

“Okay, I understand.”

“So, now that the matter of Shiek and Celia-san has been settled…I have something else to discuss.”

I quickly changed the subject to what I’d witnessed of Sophia-san and Clayman’s lovey-dovey married shenanigans yesterday.

I’d heard Clayman’s side of the story, but hadn’t had a chance to hear Sophia-san’s.

If anyone, Cecilia should be able to shed some light on Sophia-san’s adventurer days.

“Yesterday I heard a friend of mine was hospitalized, so I went to pay him a visit. When I got there, I found out he was Sophia-san’s husband.”

I was thinking about how nice they had it when they were regaling me with their story, and told Cecilia about it. Starting from how Clayman got hospitalized, to the vomit-inducing lovey-dovey atmosphere that eventually made me go home. But, halfway through my tale, I found myself getting frustrated with how good Clayman had it, and was downright irritated by the end.

Even that Clayman had tied the knot. He lived every day in wedded bliss with Sophia-san. I hadn’t even gotten a girlfriend yet!

Thanks to the irrational anger, the two looked at me curiously as I became more and more intense. When I finally finished the story, Cecilia opened her mouth and said,

“Actually, I just spoke with Sophia-san yesterday. You were there too, weren’t you Hapyneth-chan?”

Hapyneth nodded her head affirmatively.

“…Directly after…severe scolding.”


It must have happened just after she was dragged back from being discovered to have skipped out on work. Just from looking at the expression on Hapyneth’s face, it must have been a heavy scolding. It couldn’t have been revenge on Hapyneth for making Sophia-san late for her fun time with Clayman…no, no, Sophia-san isn’t that kind of person…right?

Without so much as a worry, Cecilia began to talk about the events from yesterday.

“Yesterday, after eating breakfast, I was putting together my report about Dagaz village, but I took a brief respite in the courtyard when…”

At the entrance to the courtyard, she caught Sophia-san scolding the ever-expressionless Hapyneth. Spotting Cecilia as she was passing by, Hapyneth begged Cecilia with her eyes to save her. The kind Cecilia couldn’t bear to leave her like that, and stepped in to mitigate the situation.

“Sophia-san, I think it’s about time to forgive Hapyneth-chan…”

Hearing Cecilia’s voice, Sophia-san immediately bowed elegantly before her.

“I bid you good morning, my lady. However, because Hapyneth left in the middle of work to go visit Youki-sama, I must take special care so it does not happen again.”

Sophia-san declared sternly, and Cecilia was unable to say anything back. As Sophia-san carefully explained the situation to Cecilia, firmly crushing her last ray of hope, Hapyneth was left in despair.

Thus, the reprimand continued…and, by chance, Cecilia also stayed. For both Hapyneth and Cecilia, the lecture seemed to last forever.

“Haah…I suppose that’s enough for today. Please take care not to do this again in the future.”


Hapyneth was left in fairly poor spirits, and Cecilia was keenly aware of how pitiful the girl was at the moment. It was her own fault; I don’t think there needed to be such a fuss over it.

“Now then, it simply won’t do to dawdle here any longer.”

“…Was there something going on today?”

Sophia-san appeared to be in a hurry for some reason, which made Cecilia ask what it could possibly be about.

“No, I simply meant to take today as a holiday…”

Thinking the maid must have been overworked since Cecilia brought Tiel-chan back with her, Cecilia quickly went to bow and apologize when,

“My lady, it is no fault of yours, please do not worry yourself over it…if anyone here is at fault then…”

She quickly glanced at Hapyneth. Doing so caused Hapyneth to curl up into a ball out of fear. She couldn’t handle the glare of a former Rank-A adventurer.

“Now, now, Hapyneth-chan is reflecting on her actions…”

Fearing another lecture, Cecilia attempted to pacify Sophia-san. Thanks to her persuasion, Sophia-san remembered she was in a hurry.

“I suppose you’re right. She, herself, has expressed remorse, and I must quickly be away to the Medical Clinic.”

“Medical Clinic?! Sophia-san, are you feeling unwell?!”

Cecilia was mistaken again, this time thinking that Sophia-san needed to go to the medical clinic because she was feeling under the weather, and in her confusion tried to figure out what was wrong. She had finally gotten a holiday to rest her weary body, but forced herself to come back to the mansion…were likely the thoughts running through Cecilia’s head.

“My lady, please calm yourself, I am in perfect health. I was only going to visit my husband.”

“…Your husband? My apologies, I misunderstood. But pray tell, what happened to your husband?”

“He suffered an injury that would take one month to fully recover from…”

She stated in her normal indifferent tone, not showing the slightest hint of anxiety. Cecilia was surprised, and exclaimed,

“H-how terrible?! What on earth caused such an injury?”

Cecilia understood from her mother that Sophia-san used to be an adventurer, as well as a duo in the guild with Clayman, eventually marrying him. All the more hearing that a former rank-A adventurer would suffer such a grievous wound, she couldn’t possibly imagine what happened.

Seeing Cecilia so worried, Sophia-san realized her choice of words caused the girl’s troubled expression, and set to assuage her fears.

“Please excuse my poor choice of phrasing. Truthfully, you could say he was taking responsibility for his actions…”


At that, even the forgotten Hapyneth couldn’t help but also be dumbfounded with her mouth agape. If I’d been there, I likely would have reacted the same.

“Um…what do you mean by that?”


After regaining her composure, Cecilia sought a proper explanation from Sophia-san’s cryptic comment. Even Hapyneth, who had been afraid to jump into the conversation until that point, desired to know the truth.

“As I must not delay further, I shall be brief: I spent our anniversary alone, and in my anger I wound up beating him violently.”



That would have been the perfect chance for a great comeback, yet neither of them pounced on the opportunity Sophia-san presented.

Hapyneth aside, to think that Cecilia would let it slip by…

“But, to think that he was late because he was searching for a present for me…It is very like my husband, I must say.”

Hearing that response, the two clearly saw Sophia-san chuckle a bit. In the end, Sophia-san left the two like that as she excused herself, skillfully turned away, and left the mansion still in her maid uniform.

“And that concludes what happened yesterday.”

“Ah man, they’re totally a lovey-dovey couple, aren’t they?”

What’s with that sudden affection?! Now I really wanted to know what would have happened if Clayman had actually bought her a present.

“Hapyneth, you haven’t run into Sophia-san yet today, have you?”


“How was she?”

“…Terrified me.”

Taking care of Clayman, I thought she’d be in better spirits. Does that mean, Clayman did something again?



Oh, so she was in good spirits. What terrified Hapyneth was just Sophia-san’s uncharacteristic smile. I kinda wanted to see it myself. And just as I thought that, I realized I still hadn’t heard what I’d come to desire to learn!

I still didn’t hear anything about their adventurer days! I’d already had enough of their lovey-dovey tales! I wanted the dirt on their crazy adventures they had together!

“Cecilia, do you have any stories from when Sophia-san was still an adventurer?”

“If you ask me so suddenly…oh, I do know one that my mother told me.”

“Tell me, tell me!”

I urged Cecilia on. Interesting story, here we come! Seeing me acting like an overexcited kid, Cecilia laughed to herself.

“All right, here’s what I heard.”

“…That’s enough, Cecilia.”

Looking outside, the day was almost over. After she started, Cecilia regaled me an episode of the “The Invincible Languorous Couple” without stopping to eat or drink anything…but…

“Why do all their stories eventually end so sweetly…”


Looking forlorn, Cecilia apologized. I wasn’t really blaming her, she’s not the one at fault so there’s no need to apologize.

Hapyneth got bored halfway through and fell sound asleep on top of my bed.

“Seriously, what’s with those two…”

She told me a story of soon after Sophia-san and Clayman met.

It was fine that they formed a duo, but Sohpia-san seemed to have some reservations about it. Before partnering with Clayman, she’d formed parties with numerous other adventurers. However, Sophia-san very much went at her own pace, so she didn’t meld well with other adventurers.

It often ended up that the powerful Sophia-san would be unhurt, but her fellow party members would suffer grievous wounds. The other members would call out Sophia-san for choosing quests outside of their comfort zone, and eventually the parties would disband.

However, the lazy Clayman, for all his moaning and groaning, still managed to keep up on the quests Sophia-san selected.

Then, one day, about a month after their duo formed, sitting across from each other at a table in the Guild while eating…

“…If it’s that bothersome for you, why don’t we just disband the party?”

Thinking Clayman was forcing himself to keep up with her, Sophia-san proposed the break up the duo. Clayman gulped down his alcohol, then brought the glass to rest on the table as he looked Sophia-san dead in the eye.

“These quests are damn annoying, it’s true, but being with you, Sophia, isn’t troublesome at all, so it’s impossible to break up.”

After that, the seeds of love began to sprout…’the hell kind of story is this?!

Again, it was a tale of how the “The Invincible Languorous Couple” came to be.

Once, some brave rogues foolishly tried to hit on Sophia-san.

Sophia-san was sitting at the Guild’s bar while Clayman was taking care of some business elsewhere, when a drunk threesome came in. Of all the people they could have chosen to get involved with, they chose Sophia-san.

They hit on Sophia-san while laughing with vulgarity.

“Excuse me, but can I help you with something?”

She asked in her normal tone of voice. Unafraid, she dealt with the rogues without any resistance, causing them to falter. And that was when Clayman returned.

“Oh, they hitting on you? What a bother. Troubling isn’t it? Why don’cha come over here Sophia, we’ll go to another bar.”

That’s normally the part where you rescue the damsel in distress, so he gestured for Sophia-san to accompany him. Sophia-san slipped out between the rogues and went to Clayman’s side.

“If I must. Where shall we go?”

Of course, the rogues wouldn’t let them get away that easily, and cornered the two. However…

“Agh, what a drag, seriously, knock that shit off…”

He grabbed one of the rogues’ shoulders and forced him to sit, effectively stopping the fight before it started. I’m sure he thought it’d be too much hassle to actually fight them. A particularly persistent rogue got sent flying by a kick from Sophia-san.

A Guild employee just happened to witness the event, and seeing Clayman’s lethargic laziness and Sophia-san’s strength, together she dubbed them the “The Invincible Languorous Couple”. That’s how they wound up with the name of their duo.

That by itself would have made for an interesting story.

But, the actual ending of the story took place shortly after that incident, when they went to a different bar to go drinking again. Amidst their complaints about the rogues, Clayman said,

“Jeezus, what a bunch of aggravating assholes. Interrupting my precious time with Sophia…”

Yep, that’s what he said.


Damn he was pretentious in the past. He probably thought he was the strongest there ever was. The Clayman of today had considerably matured into an adult. All hail the lazy Assistant Guildmaster.

“Well, it’s time I take my leave. Hapyneth-chan, it’s time to wake up.”

Cecilia gently shook the sleeping Hapyneth awake.


Cecilia pulled the still-sleepy girl out of bed.

“Now then, if you’ll excuse me. …Also, Youki-san, perhaps you might be interested in going Clariness Castle?”


“I said…perhaps. Well then.”

Without any explanation, Cecilia went back home.

Me, go to the castle?!

Not understanding a thing, several days passed, and I really did end up going to the castle.

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