Reading List

Ever wonder what Solistia reads? Here is a list of the stories she follows:


Apocalypse Now
-Seinen, Apocalypse, Super Powers, RPG System-ish, Monsters, Survival, Action

Of Monsters & Men
-Seinen, Apocalypse, Monsters, Transformations, Mundane-to-Magic World, Action


Kumo Desu Ga, Nanika? [Blastron-quality] [Turb0-speed]
– Action, Fantasy, Monster Reincarnation, RPG Stats

Astarte’s Knight
– Shounen, Fantasy, Reincarnation

The Black Knight Who Was Even Stronger Than the Hero
– Shoujo, Action, Fantasy, Transportation

– Seinen, Action, Fantasy, Game-to-Reality


Dominion’s End
– Josei, Action, Time Travel-esque, Body Swap-Gender Bender (F→M), Apocalypse, Monsters, Survival, Super Powers

Apocalypse Cockroach
– Seinen, Apocalypse, Zombies, Survival

Against the Gods
– Seinen, Action, Fantasy, Reincarnation, OP MC, Cultivation

  1. The Black knight who is stronger than the hero!
    That’s one heck of a title and I love it!
    It’s gonna be my first LN where the MC is female.
    Good thing I stal… Ehem…. Checked your reading list

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