Rejoice! Digital LN Images!

00-1coverI have only uploaded the images to where we’re currently translated. The rest will come up as we translate the chapters.

Images have been added to the following chapters: 1, 2, 6, 11, 12, 13, 16, and 19. (1 and 13 are the large spreads). Also for your easy viewing pleasure, the rest are right here in this post!

00-2chapter1 00-3chapter13wn 02 04 05 05-2 07 07-2 00-5insert

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    • if it wasn’t for the fact the first picture had him with horns I would have thought he was raven also why does he only have one horn to the side of the head (I mean either two horns at the sides or one horn in the middle is the norm). besides that I always thought raven had short hair so seeing him with long hair kinda ruins my image. and that guild desk worker looks far to hyper then the work skimping dreary guy the story portrays – feels like their roles should be reversed in that image.

  1. three things to ask;-
    1. do you know where I can download translations as pdf of one arc whole.
    2. Are you following LN or WN?
    3. can you please tell me any recommendations like this which hjave characters like this since it is not much of adventure but seems like slice of life of demon disguised human.

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