Solistia: Easily Distracted Leader, Translator, Quality  Checker, Web Maintenance

Creed: Solistia Whipper, Proofer, Editor, Quality Checker

MuscleSpark: Editor, Quality Checker

Flyingjam: Editor, Syntax/Quality Checker

Sumguy (Re:Translations): Editor, Quality Checker

Blesserz (Re:Translations): Proofer, Editor, Quality Checker

Friasco: Editor, Quality Checker

GeekyOtaku36: Editor, Quality Checker

ElevenAM: Editor, Quality Checker

KiaW: Editor, Quality Checker

JRavana: Editor, Quality Checker

Astaroth: Editor, Quality Checker

Kura: Editor, Quality Checker

Quicksylver: Editor, Quality Checker

Anon: Editor, Quality Checker

Aaron: Editor, Quality Checker

Lytic:  Editor, Quality Checker

Rhayex: Part-time Editor, Quality Checker


Manga team

Solistia: Raw Provider, Translator/Proofer, Quality  Checker, Web Maintenance

Nekokatts:  Proofer, Translator/Transliterator, Quality Checker

Jackman: Typesetter, Redrawer, Quality Checker

Creed: Editor, Quality Checker, Task Master



Hobo: Proofreader, Quality Checker, Freeloader

Frost: Proofer, Editor, Quality Checker

Dair: Editor, Quality Checker

    1. Thanks much! And I have no idea who that is |D (But thanks for pointing them out to me, we’ll see if we can’t work together ♥ )

  1. Hello! Is there perchance a way to offer my services? I would like to help out in some of the LN editing. I normally help around Imoutolicious or random LN projects scattered about, such as currently Overlord, Sayonara Ryuusei Konnichiwa Jinsei, etc.

    If so, get back to me via email!
    Have a nice day~

    1. Indeed I am! (my username Solistia is the same too 8D). Sadly I am physically incapable of redrawing (or drawing at all) anymore thanks to an injury, but maybe one day when I have money for therapy I’ll be able to do so again :3

      1. it’s really sad to hear that, your 4 panels comic at the start always cracks me up. Thanks for all your work so for, i wish for you all the best of luck with the injury. Hoping one day we will see your drawing again

      2. Happened to read some Tate no Yuusha recently and found your 4-koma rather delightful. Surprisingly so, in fact (almost as fun as the chapter itself =P); problably amongst the best “staff manga” I’ve ever encountered.

        Sorry to hear about your hand, though. May your doodling days return soon. =/

  2. Howdy,

    I wanted to get in touch as I am in the process of creating a platform in which translators can increase their popularity and reach a much larger audience by sharing their reader base with each other. We are making a platform to benefit translators, they each get to create ‘mini sites’ which will host their content alongside other translators within the same genre. We are not looking to take anything from you and have methods in place to ensure by sharing a readership, each translator will only benefit to the maximum extent. I would like to talk with you more about this in detail.

    Please let me know if you have interest?

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