For the novel “Fairytale for the Villains” (check out Secret Land Castle’s translation of the promo manhwa for the novel). Jimmy is only a temporary translator until we get a dedicated one on this project.
Also for novel versions of Why Duke and Carpe Diem.

To translate the Light Novel versions of any of our current Manga Projects (Summon Kitchen, Dragon Fiance). LNs will be provided, and can be ripped to google docs if you need the ability copy+paste for a machine assist.

Contact Solistia#3058 on Discord (join our discord linked in the left hand menu, if you’re on mobile, click the menu hamburger in the top left)
or email theluminaria [at] gmail [dot] com.

NOT CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR (but maybe again in the future):

Summon Kitchen, Carpe Diem, pinch hitter on Why Duke
Looking for experienced Typesetter, cause we don’t really have anyone to teach beginners.

Summon Kitchen, Carpe Diem, Villainess x Commoner, Why Duke
Merging-taking small pieces of pages and piecing them together to look like they were never separate in the first place
Cleaning-Clearing out all the speech bubbles and other text
MUST HAVE access to a program that can open and save in PSD format.

Snow White’s Stepmother, Pinch hitter for all other projects
Native or native-level English speaker who can edit translations to sound better in English and give it a good story-like flow.

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