Teasers, PDFs & coming Blog-hosted chapters, and Tip Jar!

In between translating Yuusha Party chapters, I often come across intriguing titles on reddit or batoto or somewhere else that talks about untranslated Web and Light Novels. If I find it intriguing, I may TL a chapter or two, with no intention to finish, just to generate interest. In effect, a Teaser.  These will be hosted on the blog and not GDocs (yay?). Just click that fancy new menu section, Teaser, to the left.

The first teaser I have is Goblin no Oukoku (The Goblin Kingdom). Although there’s a real summary on the page, it’s basically what if in Re:Monster, Rou wasn’t super OP, stayed a little ugly goblin, and actually used strategic knowledge to take over the world. Fun. Found by a reddit user and I found it interesting. If you’d like to take over the project, just let me know! If you have the next chapter posted, I’ll link you on the Teaser page!

Also for those that have visited the Yuusha Party project page recently, I have a PDF version of chapter 1-19 available for download! It will next be updated when volume 1 is finished (we’re basically half way through right now). I will also be (slowly) adding Yuusha Party to blog pages for those that vehemently dislike GDocs. (Rejoice!). 20 is pretty much complete, just working on TLing 21.

Also you may have noticed on the side a little tip jar. If you like what I do, and would like to say thanks in a monetary kind of way, you can now do so! Unfortunately I cannot promise more or faster chapter releases as my full time job prevents me from doing such. But I CAN promise it will be used to buy chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate. It will make me say ‘Yum’.

You can also continue to give verbal thanks the normal way by replying to the blog posts! 8D

Thanks as always everyone!

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  1. Sensei! I have a question ‘_’/

    Are you open for suggestion?
    I found one web novel that Half Mushoku tensei and half heibon desu. Maybe you might interest. I read to 80ish of 2nd arc (about 140 chap in total) so I can garantee that it’s a fun read.

    If you’re interest here the link.


    Since there’s translation in my language this is more like I’m trying to share what I like. if you found it annoying you can just ignore me haha 😀

  2. Ooh! OOH! Suggestions!! I came across this WN in AnimeSuki forums, it’s called When a Stupid FPS Player Falls to Another World

    Here’s the link:

    マヌケなFPSプレイヤーが異世界へ落ちた場合 (

    There’s actually a chapter 1 teaser as well as some tidbit spoilers on A-S, but I thought you might be interested in this series. It’s a reaaaal pity no translator had picked it up yet… *hint hint*

    Also, thank you for your work regarding Yuusha Party!!

  3. Hi I’m back again ‘__’/
    since It’s apparently not working last time.
    now I present you this

    神眼の勇者 ― Ragnaløg《ラグナログ》
    Cover : http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/91jIsVCmDTL.jpg

    and I try to translate it ( which is bad btw. Your eyes might bleed from how bad it is, so read with caution)

    Ch1: http://pastebin.com/kYvVs7MZ
    Ch2: http://pastebin.com/u5RkfC9u
    Ch3: http://pastebin.com/ZD4zyn24
    Ch4: http://pastebin.com/GG2XFRRJ

    you can use it however you like even without credit. Just one thing, please edit it first. My language doesn’t have time indication in grammar, so it’s all mumble jumble and this is 2nd translation a lot might lost from raw version.

    if anyone interested please look at the raw below.

    There is 2 website for this one is
    the rest is here

    I’ll be very busy from work, so this is probably my first and last time I did this.

    • Solistia

      Good job TLing! I generally try to stay away from alphapolis titles myself, as they have no digital distribution other than a Japanese phone app (Even Jashin Tensei I’m missing later chapters and have no idea what to do about that). Hopefully someone will decide to pick it up!

    • arg …. I mean red bar and blue arrow but I think you get what I mean =__=)7 It’t 3 am and I guess my head isn’t function well anymore (not that it’s good to begin with)

      Anyway not to be rude, but I’m dying to read Heibon more than Jashin tensei a bit sad that no one doing it .

    • Solistia

      Alphapolis is the publishing company. They have a lot of great series I’d love to translate…but I can’t get my hands on digital books /D

      As for the wayback machine, even with that, I’m missing a couple chapters. A few of the guys at ReT even tried to recover them, but to no avail.

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