Translations resume!

Those that have been paying attention to the progress spreadsheet in the google docs folder may have noticed translation has indeed resumed!

After my writing flow got interrupted with the visit of my father, and a series of accidents (one of which resulted in a minor case of whiplash that I’m getting a few weeks of physical therapy for, the other which made my car undriveable until it got repaired), I have been getting back into translating. I’m still doing writing, but it’s not nearly as all-encompassing as it was when I first started.

So while translations will be slower than when I first started releasing, as I’ll still be writing a bit, you can expect regular releases again (I’m almost done with chapter 20!). Look forward to it!

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    • Solistia

      While I am a fan of Heibon Desu yo, I am in no way involved with the project, so I couldn’t say if it will resume or not |D. My secodary project Shinka no Mi finally got a new TL, so I’m just project manager on that one now…now all that’s left is to find someone to take the historical reference nightmare that is Jashin Tensei…

  1. so that’s what been going on on your side… been wondering since there’s no info (none that I find) so far I thought it was literally “gone”.

    Well, will be waiting for some updates… its hard “reading” raws with furigana + dictionary.

  2. Glad to see you are translating again. Sorry to hear about the wreck and injury. I hope you have a speedy recovery.

    On another note, what’s to become of the manga you started translating? I remember you mentioned a while back that someone offered to help out with it, so it should receive updates… but then no updates surfaced for it.

  3. I don’t know, maybe you should rest more.
    I’m dying to read new chaptor but I think that can wait.
    add a few more weeks shouldn’t hurt now taken how long it was from the last one. Just take care not to hurt yourself more now. knowing you’re still on this is enough for me really 🙂

    • btw I personally don’t like google doc working format of re trans. It’s really hard to know what’s going on with each project plus I can’t even say thanks to translators. I like visiting each blog like this from time to time and read on how they’re doing. Even without relese is fine. So … I like what you’re doing and love all the works you have done. Thank you for doing this and don’t overwork ok?

      • Solistia

        No worries, 20 is already translate d(just getting looked over, and once 21 is done I’ll be releasing them in a multi-release like always.

        And there are other people that feel the same about ReT’s GDocs only thing, but that’s mostly because upper management doesn’t want to go through the hassle of updating me thinks. Although I work for them, HaruPARTY itself is it’s own entity, and merely affiliated with ReT rather than being part of them (there’s a number of members between us who work on various projects), so for my part, I don’t mind the updating portion for my projects =3 But I doubt ReT will change any time soon /D Still, Rei and sumguy generally read all the places like Animesuki and reddit, so if you make a comment there, it’s likely to get back to the project members!

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