Yuusha Party 13-14 | Moving iminent

Yuusha Party chapter 13 and 14 are live! Go read them!

We finally get to see Youki being totally OP, and his cheat is revealed! Chapter 13 is mildly rage inducing, but Youki comes back with a vengence in chapter 14 |D

And both chapters have illustrations!

Also, am I the only one here that imagined Mirror’s voice as Android 17 from DBZ Abridged? It just seems to fit so well.

Also I will be moving here in a few weeks (signing a new lease tomorrow). It may interrupt translations somewhat, but as always, you’ll be able to see my progress on the chart. If nothing has changed on the chart in a few days, I’m probably balls deep in packing and moving.

Also you may have noticed the “June Surprise” teasers mentioned on the progress chart. my birthday is in late June, so as a present to me, I am TLing some teasers 8D I hope you’ll all enjoy them when they’re revealed!

  1. Thanks for the chapters, have to say I wish people wouldn’t mistake letting someone live as being good. Letting a psychopath live isn’t being a good person, it’s literally being the worst. Letting the world be ravaged by scum only makes you scum as well.

    1. So who decides who is a psychopath and must be killed? Dont rush decisions like that, giving scum a chance to walk doesnt make you scum. Its when you just watch someone doing something wrong with out doing anything yourself weather before or afterwords that makes you wrong.

  2. I have to ask what exactly would be his signature pose? thanks for your continued tl btw almost died from Yuusha Party deficiency.

    1. Honestly, from the way this post was written, I wouldn’t expect to see a new chapter of Yuusha party until you’ve at least seen the “June Surprise” teasers.

  3. pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease

    do a bro version again it is just damn hillarious

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