Yuusha Party 13-14

Bwahahaha, success! 13 and 14 are available for reading before I take off on my week-long trip.ย Read them onย Google Docs.

I feel bad not having the final chapter in the arc, but at least you don’t have to wait a week for the first 2 parts. Everyone have a great week, and all you Americans have an awesome Thanksgiving. Solistia has left the building.

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  1. I just finish reading chapter 13-14 all i can say great job to you people and i love it but u guys going for 1 week trip is that it? T_TNooooooooooooo cant blame u guys a body need to rest sometime but im hoping a next chapter will show up also why i cant see any picture i dont know the face of Youki =(

  2. Fumu. Your offering is enough…for now. But remember your oath with the dragon(penguin)kind. I will let you live, as long as you keep entertaining us with your translations. Now human, indulge in your mortal pleasures and may the blessing of [Hitogami] be with you.

  3. This WN is good, it’s fun to read.hehe whene is the released of next chapter? I tried reading ch.15 via GT and managed to reach ch.18 but as expected it’s good to just wait the real translation.hehe although i can understand the GT for the most but its missing compare to the real translation. And thanks for tranlating this series it’s a good read.

  4. huhu, can’t concentrate on other LN or WN i tried overlord but I’m stuck at ch.1 and the long awaited complted vol.10 of madan is still there, i don’t feel like reading now. Thats why i tried reaading on bing translator again and reach to the “lolilocon gargoyle”.hehe but it’s really missing… come back soon translator-sama and have a safe trip. ๐Ÿ˜€

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