Yuusha Party 15-16+

Two new chapters of Yuusha Party today! (I’m also excited because I finally have my physical copy of the LN, yay. Now to wait for the digital release to add pictures to our releases)

Thank you to all our new team members, I now have a harem team of nine guys + myself! You guys get to see the fun things like when I translated a line by swag!Celia-san as “Calm yo tits boi. Cecilia is fuckin’ restin’ in her room dawg.”

Today, in addition to 15-16, we have an extra version of 16. While TLing 16, there were some moments between our MC Youki and his buddy Raven that were quite the fujoshi fodder (let the BL times begin!!). My buddy Creed said “Nah dude, they’re just total bros, no homo.” and thus, we created this bro-ified version, just to show how masculine and bro these guys are. So you can just read the normal chapter, and if it interests you, read the other version.

As always, read it on Google Docs.

As posted earlier, the 12 Days of Christmas project is still on going (see the previous post for details).

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