Yuusha Party 19

Yuusha Party 19, conclusion of Raven’s Confession arc is up. As always, read it on Google Docs.
(For those that were curious about the mention of the My Little Pony reference, it was the line ‘dark, dank, and dreary’ which was what the witches from the Volcano of Gloom were trying to turn Ponyland into….DON’T JUDGE ME JUST CAUSE I CAN QUOTE EVERY SINGLE LINE OF THAT MOVIE)

With this, I’ll be taking a short break from Yuusha Party to work on Shinka no Mi for a couple chapters, then coming back to my beloved fujoshi-fodder Youki and friends.

Also great news for those keeping an eye out on our sole manga project. Someone approached me able to transliterate the text from the Manga, meaning I can actually TL +α no Tachiichi! (since as many people might know, I translate by ear being unable to read most kanji). I can’t promise any release dates, but it is actively being worked on! So thank you to Nekokatts coming on board for that role, and Jackman for stepping up as Typesetter and Redrawer.

Also go Seahawks!! *A* <–lives near Seattle

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  1. Cool beans. Thanks a lot for the new chapter. Always glad to get a chapter of this since it’s probably the only light-hearted series I’m reading right now.
    I’ve actually been curious to read some more of Shinka no Mi. It’s a shame it comes at the cost of Yuusha party, but I’ll look forward to reading it all the same. I really need to work on learning Japanese….But being lazy is easier…..

  2. Yoooo, fellow football fan! My eagles didn’t make it, but I’m rooting for the Seahawks. Don’t want the pats to cheat for another super bowl and I’m a Wilson fan. It’ll be a fun game regardless.

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