Yuusha Party WN20-22/LN 8-9 | OreDungeon 1-4

Here it is! Finally more Yuusha Party! Also, as of this post, we will officially be switching over to the LN version (now that I have masted the art of text hooking the digital novels to be able to copy+paste =D). LN chapter 8 starts at WN chapter 20. I’ll go back and refigure the older chapters (labeling them as Chapter 1 (part 1/2/etc) as they tie to the LN.

Does this mean I’ll be going back and retranslating the earlier LN chapters? No. Why? They are not significantly different enough to call for it.
Let me explain. Just to double check the difference between the WN and LN, I took them through a text comparison tool. The two are virtually identical as in, a word here and there was changed to fit better, maybe a couple words added, every now and then a new sentence was added or an old one reworked. While there were a couple scene reconfigurations, they were, for the most part, the same. Why bother with translating the LN rather than the WN then?

The reason words and sentences in the LN were reworked was so they made more sense. It’s easier for me to translate when the author doesn’t use weird sentence configurations or odd words. Also the couple scene configurations flow better, and are A) funnier, and B) more adorable.  So yes. We shall be sticking with the LN. As a bonus, that means we’ll also be able to translate the bonus stories in the LNs. Yay, celebration.

So WN chapter 20-22, LN chapter 8-9 is ready for reading on Google Docs or On the Blog
(How many of you just got a new waifu? ;D)

More reason to celebrate! HaruPARTY is adding on a new project. (But wait, you say, don’t you have enough projects already? I retort with, you mean projects I care about and actually want to do? silence fills the room. Do go on, you say).

So, this project was meant to be a teaser…but then I fell in love with it, so yeah, new official project. A relatively new Narou web novel (only 8 chapters as of today), whose title translates to:

Ore ga Isekai Danjonda! ~Tensei shitara karada ga danjonto kashiteita~
I’m another world’s dungeon! ~After reincarnating, my body became that of a dungeon~

I lovingly refer to it as OreDungeon. I just about died laughing from the title and told myself, this needs a TL, like now.  So yes, the guy is, in fact, a DUNGEON. Elf girl slave? Check. Harem tag? Check. Shenanigans?! Double check.
Go forth and read chapters 1-4!

Also, watch out for trucks in Japan. They kill so many people. So. Many.

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  1. Thanks.
    So you won’t retranslate them and that is ok, but what is with those couple scene configurations that flow better and are funnier/more adorable? Will you change those?

    Also a question about the LN chapters: Are the transitions seemless between the WN parts? And what are the LN chapter headers? (I ask because I keep an epub of Yuusha Party and would like to merge the different parts of a chapter.)

    • Solistia

      I may look into the differences (or get a loyal servant to do it for me), and any significant changes I may retranslate (though at this point in time I’d like to focus on forward progression).
      And yes, transitions are seemless. Several WN chapters were made into a single LN chapter, with no overlap between them.

  2. I think Truck in Japan is something akin to DeLorean DMC-12 with flux capacitor in Back to the future . just that they don’t send you back and forth in time. plus if you stay on the wrong side of it(mostly front) you should well, die? if someone doing this reserch topic they might get a ignobel prize IDK …

    • Solistia

      The program is AGTH (Anime Games Text Hooker). Since I buy digital LNs with booklive.jp, they have a PC program that AGTH can ‘hook’ into, so that whenever I look at a page of the novel, it appears in the AGTH box. (Sadly AlphaPolis doesn’t put any of their titles on booklive.jp…or any other digital reseller, but most other publishing companies can be found there). The nice thing about booklive.jp is that they don’t region lock like amazon.jp |D

  3. Some people are just destined to become Wizards when they reach 30. Either by working 24/7 home security, or going outside -> getting hit by truck -> reincarnating -> becoming proficient at magic when their combined age (before death + reincarnation) reaches 30 or so. Fate – can’t fight it…

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