Chapters 7-9 have now been released on Google Docs.

I tried meeting the mother of the girl I like.
I tried getting set up.
I tried being incompetent.

We also have two new proof readers on board, MuscleSpark and Flyingjam. Thanks for your help guys!

We will continue to release in this format of multiple chapters at once, basically giving you a whole arc at once, since the chapters are so short. You’ll also find on the Google Docs a progress sheet which shows our progress for each  chapter, as well as a release plan for which chapters will be released together.

Thank you everyone for all your thanks and well-wishes, they are the fuel that keeps me translating at a rate of 1 chapter per day!

Chapter 6, I tried making a friend,  is done and ready to read on Google Docs.

I’d like to welcome Hobo (aka wtfjkp/madscientist2010) as a proofreader. He had machine translated chapter 6 previously, and I was very happy that he agreed to help me out on future Yuusha Party releases!

Right now Chapter 7 has finished the first pass of translation and is being proofed/edited while I work on the first pass of Chapter 8. We have a good pace going to release quickly for a while.

If anyone else would like to join the team as a proofer/editor, drop me a line at theluminaria [at] gmail [dot] com. Please make sure you have a Google account as we work exclusively in Google Docs (having skype would be a plus for me *u* )


In addition to our sole manga project, I, Solistia, have also decided to translate web novels.
While not fluent in Japanese, I can use the listening knowledge I’ve gained over 15 years of subjecting myself to Japanese media, along with Google translate to help me see the romaji and to help me double check Kanji, to bring you a decent web novel translation.

The first project I have undertaken is guhuhu’s discontinued translation of Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita, starting with Chapter 4 & 5 where they left off.

You can Read on Google Docs. (there is  also a link to guhuhu’s 3 chapters)

The chapters are relatively short, and these one only took a day each to translate and edit, so hopefully more will come soon! Look forward to it!

(Also Clayman is best character <3)