I swear I can spell Dragon right…

Though not for lack of trying to keep spelling it Dargon…

ANYWAY get a load of this sexy dargon dragon

Okay, not quite that sexy, but close!

How about this sexy?

Yes, we have a new Manga Project, Dragon Fiance (aka I was Told to Relinquish My Fiance to My Little Sister, and the Greatest Dragon Took a Liking to Me and Unbelievably Took Over the Kingdom)


Anywho, let’s go check out a tale of betrayal, revenge, and hot dargons dragon boys. Who am I kidding, I only read the manga, I don’t know shit about this title 8D Except the hot dragon boys part, def true!

Go read Chapter 1! Go on now, not like you gotta jump into a volcano to get it~

Cute Little Staff Members and a Con(vention)

We have a full house!! More new staff members, hooray =D (and most of them can even drink!)

We got Capri mazuran and Screwdriver Snowy on Typesetting. Snowy also joins Tequila Cheli on cleaning duty. And rounding out with midwinteroasis Gimlet (maybe midGim for short??) making things sound fab in English.

And a big Thank You to all who applied, regardless of acceptation!!

And what’s this?

No, actually, SakuraCon.

That’s right, I’ll be at SakuraCon in Seattle, partying it up. If you wanna meet up, hmu on Discord~~ (link in the side menu). We can talk about anime and other associated weebery, maybe catch a drink! Sadly, that means no more releases until I get back.

but instead of drowning your sorrows after the last chapter of Snow White’s Stepmother, instead REJOICE! Thanks to all our new little staff members, we’re gonna have a massive release of Why Duke once I get back. ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE

Like we’re gonna double our chapter count. LOOK FORWARD TO IT

New projects, New staff, New recruitment campaign

HaruPARTY is getting BIGGER

We’ve got Cowboy Mocktail on Cleaning and Redrawing!
Maitai Abi swings into take over the TL of Why Duke (since Jimmy was only doing that one until we got a dedicated TL for it)
And Haru Cider, a KR TL for a new Manhwa we’ll release…as soon as it gets done 8D

No, it’s not done yet, quit checking your watch.

But you know what is done? NEW MANGA PROJECT! From the team that brought you Villainess x Commoner:
It’s got girls, It’s got isekai, it’s got an office lady that was not supposed to be isekai’d, it’s got attractive guys, it’s got a personal guard assigned to the unneeded isekaier, and best of all, it’s got COOKING!!
That’s right our new manga project is Isekai Omotenashi Gohan  wait no, I mean, This “Summon Kitchen” Skill is Amazing! ~Amassing Points By Cooking in Another World~ (aka Summon Kitchen)

Summon Kitchen will be a sub project to Villainess x Commoner (since VxC is our main project), but Summon Kitchen is short and easy to translate, so it’s a fun side project~

And speaking of multiple projects, we’ve grown quite a lot in the last month! So much so, we’re actually in need of MORE staff members. You love HaruPARTY, right? You love drinking alcohol, right?? YOU WANT TO JOIN US, RIGHT???

We’re in need of an actual experienced Typesetter for new Summon Kitchen, cause idk what the heck I’m doing. Also for unreleased girly reincarnation Manhwa. And a bit of Why Duke.

Could also use another Cleaner/Merger so my Cowboy and I don’t get overburdened. (merging is taking small pieces of pages and piecing them together to look like they were never separate in the first place~) Cleaner/Merger would be appreciated for new Summon Kitchen, new girly reincarnation Manhwa, and Villainess x Commoner, maybe sometimes Why Duke.

And I need someone that can English Words Good, native or native-level speaker who can. Comrade and I are the only proofers, would be nice to have one more. Most especially for Snow White’s Stepmother, and periodically the smattering of other projects~ (got quite a few applicants on this one, thanks much people!)

And as always, a Korean translator for the novel “My Sister Picked Up the Male Lead” (check out Secret Land Castle’s translation of the promo manhwa for the novel).

So join our discord linked in the left hand menu (if you’re on mobile, click the menu hamburger in the top left), and DM me! or email theluminaria [at] gmail [dot] com.

It’s Always Wet in Seattle

Well, the sobriety only lasted for a day as I found myself unconsciously drinking some hard cider this evening. It’s just too delicious, I can’t stop. I mean, you know,

I have come to the conclusion that

and alcohol is created to be consumed. Even if it kills a few (a lot) brain cells.

Time to get back on the drunk train, my dudes! See you on the drinker side!