Triple Decker Duke

So to make up my egregious oversight previous on everyone favorite bipolar duke, I bring you not 1, not 2, but 3

Count ’em, three, chapters of Why Duke!

Chapter 19 is probably my favorite Why Duke chapter yet, cause I’m all like

And don’t miss the special extra funny at the end of chapter 19 (with the credits), bought to you by our beloved Typesetter, Capri Mazuran!

Now get reading your triple dose of Why Duke, starting with Chapter 17

Why are you doing more manga?

…you might ask.

And the answer may surprise you.

That said, this new manga is quite a departure from what we usually do here at HaruPARTY. It’s not a fantasy, though it has supernatural elements (vampire boy!). It’s not a comedy, just a heartfelt drama about two people trying to become a family following shared loss.

It was just so good and heart warming/clenching that I couldn’t leave it untranslated.

A Boy’s Scar, chapter 1.

Also Fuusuke is adorable and anyone who says otherwise FITE ME