Romantiholic (and MangaDex)

Just a quick note for readers, due to the excessive time it takes to upload the Manga and Manhwa to the website, we’ll now be uploading exclusively to MangaDex (novel projects will remain on the website though). Sorry for you website reading lovers, but it cuts out about 85-95% of the upload time to not upload to the site…

Now with that out of the way, let’s get down to some romance! I am talking of course of our very own Why Duke and its chapters 23 & 24!! Go read!

We also have a new romanticizer in our midst, also thanks to new TL Ama Rum & Coke, Marielle from Marielle Clarac’s Engagement
Go check out chapter 1 of this romance loving and fantasizing moe girl!!! 8D

Triple Decker Duke

So to make up my egregious oversight previous on everyone favorite bipolar duke, I bring you not 1, not 2, but 3

Count ’em, three, chapters of Why Duke!

Chapter 19 is probably my favorite Why Duke chapter yet, cause I’m all like

And don’t miss the special extra funny at the end of chapter 19 (with the credits), bought to you by our beloved Typesetter, Capri Mazuran!

Now get reading your triple dose of Why Duke, starting with Chapter 17

Cute Little Staff Members and a Con(vention)

We have a full house!! More new staff members, hooray =D (and most of them can even drink!)

We got Capri mazuran and Screwdriver Snowy on Typesetting. Snowy also joins Tequila Cheli on cleaning duty. And rounding out with midwinteroasis Gimlet (maybe midGim for short??) making things sound fab in English.

And a big Thank You to all who applied, regardless of acceptation!!

And what’s this?

No, actually, SakuraCon.

That’s right, I’ll be at SakuraCon in Seattle, partying it up. If you wanna meet up, hmu on Discord~~ (link in the side menu). We can talk about anime and other associated weebery, maybe catch a drink! Sadly, that means no more releases until I get back.

but instead of drowning your sorrows after the last chapter of Snow White’s Stepmother, instead REJOICE! Thanks to all our new little staff members, we’re gonna have a massive release of Why Duke once I get back. ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE

Like we’re gonna double our chapter count. LOOK FORWARD TO IT